Maintenance of computer networks and telephone systems.

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Service of computer networks and telephony systems.
Safe, correct, continuous functioning of a local area computer and telephone network and all its components, and also the correct setup and operation of network and telecommunication equipment are an important condition of success of each modern and dynamic company.
Our professionalism will allow you to avoid problems with your networks and data transmission systems: we diagnose and we will remove possible failure before, they really will arise and can affect your business negatively.
We with pleasure will assume the solution of all questions on creation and service of your computer networks and telephony systems.
You put the problem - we provide its correct and optimum decision on cost.
    Our services in service of computer networks and telephony systems:
  • Design and creation of wired and wireless networks of data transfer of the high level of complexity, reliability and security.
  • Design, mounting and setup of telecommunication systems, networks and telephony systems.
  • Organization of new workplaces, upgrade and extension of local computer networks (LAN), networks and telephony systems.
  • Administration, monitoring of operation and optimization, elimination of physical failure of a LAN and telephone networks.
  • Administration, technical attending, the regular audit and preventive maintenance of network and telecommunication equipment.
  • The multimedia house:
    • Integration of means and systems of receiving, storage, transmission, reproduction of media - a content (video, a photo, music) in a single system;
    • Mounting, setup and service of home wireless networks for data transfer and audio - visual information.
  • Attending of house information systems on a constant basis.
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