Online Business

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The Internet for business
The modern business demands from the companies, aiming to take leading line items of the market, maximum speed of receiving and provision of various information. And today that is impossible without continuous Internet access. Thanks to a most wide circulation the Internet became irreplaceable means for business. If you want to increase overall performance of your company, our telecommunication services are for you!
Our telecommunication services are oriented not on the mass market of house users but, first of all, on corporate and business clients.
Such approach allows not to spray efforts and resources, but to provide services of the highest quality and to provide parameters necessary for you and quality of service, not only to your head offices and also branches and separations in all regions of our presence.
At the expense of use of a large quantity of various wire and wireless telecommunication technologies and innovative technological decisions we will help you to construct the last mile to your office and to integrate your local area networks in uniform corporate information space. Our clients are the companies and the enterprises of the different size and different fields of activity.
To provide to you guaranteed high access rate, reliability and stability of services of corporate Internet access and data transfer, we use own fiber channels of communication in all places of provision by us telecommunication services. Where there is no possibility to provide service by means of wire and fiber optic communication links, we apply the modern wireless radio technologies.
  • Data service and high speed broadband access to world and Ukrainian (through points of an exchange of traffic of UA-IX) to Internet resources.
  • Design and creation of wired and wireless networks of data transfer of the high level of complexity, reliability and security.
  • Design, mounting, setup and subsequent service of telecommunication systems and networks.
  • Services of corporate e-mail and services of the instantaneous messages (including and highly protected).
  • Hosting - placement of Web servers and these customers on the specialized servers provided by us in our data centers.
  • Co-location - rent at us of equipment rooms or the virtual servers of a standard configuration or physical placement of servers of customers in our data processing centers with connection to high-speed communication links.
  • Own communication links and data processing centers in several regions of Ukraine.
  • Quality assurances and safety of telecommunication services.
  • Optimization of expenses at the expense of personal price conditions.