Server Solutions

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Development, deployment and service of server frameworks.
The qualified service of servers is the key factor providing productive and smooth operation of an information system of your company. The command of our high quality professionals will execute the qualified installation, the correct and coincidence tuning, operational administration of your server equipment.
Our competent service guarantees full-function and stable operation of server operating systems and applications, antiviruses and other security features, the Internet and e-mail, electronic document management systems and business management, network connections.
    We offer:
  • Development, deployment and attending of server frameworks of any scale.
  • Consultations in a choice of the optimum server equipment.
  • Selection, delivery, mounting, setup and start of the server equipment, storage systems of data and means of ensuring of continuous power supply.
  • Administration, technical attending, the regular audit and preventive maintenance of the server equipment.
  • Installation, thin setup and administration of the client server software, service of server applications.
  • Setup, control and support of the Active Directory and other directory services.
  • Setup, control and support of enterprise mail system, corporate portal, proxy-server and firewall, system of reservation of data.
  • Organization, control and safety of system of remote access to resources of a corporate network.
  • Organization and system management of terminal access to a corporate network.
  • Virtualization of servers.
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