Technical security

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Technical security.
End-to-end solutions offered by us for business and house safety, remote monitoring of locations and people, timely detection and preventing of ignitions, and also many other security arrangements, will help you to reduce almost to zero risks of leak or information and property loss, to save tranquility and confidence.
And what, how not the confidence of tomorrow, let's to us incentive move forward, to develop and to prosper? Therefore our purpose is to provide safety of development of your business and activity you and your family.
Working at the market of support of "the technical safety" since 1996 we deserved reputation of the company, which providing to clients the modern and high-quality services and decisions in the sphere of development, implementation and service of security arrangements of different level of complexity and offering a complete complex of services in safety - from professional consultation before "turnkey" mounting.
    We provide all range of production and the services, defining concept technical security:
  • Development of technical solutions, mounting, adjustment and service:
    • systems of a security, fire, disturbing warning;
    • fire extinguishing systems;
    • systems of the centralized observation (wire, radio channel);
    • video surveillance systems (cameras, on-door speakerphones, video loggers etc.);
    • monitoring systems and access control;
    • mini-automatic telephone exchange, systems of protection of negotiations.
  • Supply of equipment and accessories for security arrangements.
  • Delivery of cable production and other materials for mounting of security arrangements.
In case of installation of security arrangements our experts, having long-term successful experience of design, mounting and service of security arrangements, always conduct preliminary survey of objects and select optimum option of hardware for the solution of the tasks delivered by you. If it is necessary, they consider non-standard technical solutions of safety, and then in the shortest terms prepare the project and make its coordination with the public supervising services. All projects are created and implemented at the highest level of engineering literacy.
    We have all necessary licenses for carrying out the activities:
  • the license for carrying out construction works on mounting of means of a security signaling and video surveillance;
  • the license for work on design, mounting, maintenance of means of fire-prevention protection.
Specialists of the company give the qualified information support on all activities and differ special accuracy, decency and high professionalism. Special attention is given to quality of mounting, warranty and post-warranty service of the delivered equipment.
We completely consider all your wishes and we offer only the latest equipment, which is optimum uniting the price and quality. All equipment offered to installation is certified in Ukraine. In a warehouse always available necessary commodity line items.
We work for those, who appreciate safety!
Our long-term successful experience of installation and service of security arrangements - at your service! Ring, we will be glad to help!