Advanced development

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Today in our dynamic and fast changing world, thanks to the widest circulation, the Internet turned into irreplaceable means for business. Without continuous presence at the Internet it is already impossible for itself to provide our life and operation, and creation of the Web site, an organization WEB portal became one of the most convenient methods of receiving, provision and use of information.
If you aim to take leading positions in the market and want to increase efficiency and productivity of operation of your company, service of our subdividing of advanced developments for you!
The Internet portal developed by us is an innovative possibility to use mullions-strong Internet audience in different strategy of advance of your business, the new effective tool for development of your business, a brand, the company.
    We are glad to offer you a complete range of operations and services in design, development, service and upgrading the Internet portal of your company:
  • Consulting, the analysis of your wishes concerning structure, a functionality, filling and design and compilation of the requirements to the Internet portal;
  • The analysis of an existing site about optimization, advances, extensions of a functionality and further support;
  • Specification development on the basis of the received results of researches and your wishes;
  • Development of a logo, corporate style and exclusive design of a site;
  • Development and implementation of a fast, safe, convenient and manageable WEB PORTAL (implementation of its graphic and functional components);
  • Filling, portal optimization under search engines the Internet;
  • Hosting - placement of your Web server and data in our data centers on the specialized servers provided by us;
  • Effective and operative technical support, attending and development of your Internet portal:
    • design, retrieval optimization and the publication on a site of news, articles, interview (including a copywriting, rewriting), announcements and reports;
    • processing, mounting and placement on a site of video, clips, films;
    • publication of photos of events;
    • development of a media advertizing, banners;
    • support online of video translations of events the server of stream translation, a forum, a chat, declarations.
Using the most progressive WEB TECHNOLOGIES, we will create for you more than simply a site, we will develop the unique integral concept and we implement a special approach, which will make use of your Internet portal by the most convenient, both from the point of view of his visitors, and from the point of view of its further filling and administration.
The being remembered design and intuitively clear and convenient interface will draw attention of visitors of your portal and to promote growth of number of your clients and partners, will allow them not only easily to receive exhaustive information on your company, its goods and services, but also will induce them more often to visit your portal and to recommend it to another.
As a result of our cooperation you receive the WEB RESOURCE, not only in the best way deciding your business tasks, but also reflecting originality and identity of your company.
We are mature professional collective, we have the big list of successfully implemented Internet projects and we are capable to satisfy wishes of the most exacting clients.
We will give you technologies, which will select you among competitors, and we will make it quicker, more qualitatively, cheaper, than others.
Join a command of our customers and we together will achieve success.