The multimedia house

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The multimedia house
How it is often, having invited friends, you wanted to show them your photos on the big screen of the modern LED - the TV set, but instead it was necessary to go with them to other room to look photos on the small and inconveniently located monitor of your computer?
Whether there was at you a situation when you wanted to hear to your favourite music with convenience or to watch on the plasma display panel the film, being stored on the computer, but were stimulated for this purpose slowly and tiresomely to rewrite them on CD or the DVD disk?
Do you want to distract from suffocating vanity, housekeeping, daily occurrence and to be transferred to the fine and bewitching world of your dream the world of a modern cinema, the world of your favorite band, the art world. Then our service the multimedia house is for you!
Several years ago such concepts as the multimedia house didn't cause anything, except misunderstanding and mistrust and today, thanks to development information and media technologies, it is possible to "digitize" your house without special problems. Those possibilities which offer new technologies already today simply bewitch. The digital century ceased to be something far and pathos, and already today you can adjoin to the future
Presently many people already forgot that music or video on physical carriers, such as CD and the DVD disks. More and more content media (audio or video records, images in the form of normal computer files) extends via the Internet. Advantage of such look and a method of transmission of content is that the majority of media files are in the free access.
The scales of this phenomenon promptly grow and today some popular performers were reoriented on release of albums only in the MP3 format, and on forecasts of analysts soon the majority of traditional musical shops will simply cease to exist. Certainly, always there will be buyers for whom it is important to take a personal copy of a musical album or the film in hands, but even they agree with advantages digital content media. After all, if you have "hard copy", it is simple to turn it into the file. But what it gives you?
Now, when quality of Internet service providers considerably grew, transmission rate and acceptances of files takes read minutes. Therefore for use of media by a content which is transferring to the user by copying on networks, there are no difficulties..
Unfortunately, the prejudice is still strong that the digital content suits only reproduction on the computer or a pad that isn't absolutely convenient. After all much more comfortably to watch favorite movies, lying in front of the TV set on a sofa, and to listen to music - having clicked the button of the audio system. Certainly, it is possible to connect the computer or a notebook to the TV set however for some ordinary people it is difficult, in addition, they rustle and heat up and it creates additional discomfort. To write the films downloaded from the Internet on disks for their viewing on the DVD player is an inadmissible waste of time and money.
Today you can "digitize" own house without noises: media players and media servers with support simplifying it is the DLNA and UPnP technologies it is possible to find in sale easily. Unfortunately, your pleasure will grow dim, as soon as you learn cost of such decisions and that extensive knowledge of area of information technologies will be necessary for you to force it everything normally to work.But we already found alternative to expensive decisions and we are ready to offer it to you.
Constructed by us the multimedia house will integrate all your digital media devices in one uniform complex which will allow them to interact among themselves. At your instruction there will be a system, allowing to listen to music and to look video and a photo in any room of your house, irrespective of a location of a source of a signal.
Moreover, a row of the tasks connected to storage, receiving, processing and reproduction of media will be carried out generally without involvement of the computer. And the most important you receive freedom, simplicity of control and pleasure from viewing of your favourite media files, listening of music, viewing of photo albums, it is device-independent, on which they are stored!
You will manage without interrupting listening on a media center of the favourite album which is storing on a pad of your wife, at the same time to look on the screen of your smartphone the video clip, which was downloaded via the Internet on the home media server from a file exchange network, while you were at the work. And for you the situation will cease to be a problem that the new film, at which you very much wanted to look, already started to look, without having waited your arrival, you quietly begin viewing of this film on other screen in other place, without hindering those, who already looks it.
So, as it seems to us, the creation urgency of "the multimedia house" is very high already today, and it is connected, first of all, to a set of the conveniences provided by quite available electronic devices, making its basis.
The creation diagram of the multimedia house in each case is individual and personalized, as well as our approach to each client.The main thing is in short terms you receive the decision, which will correspond to your purposes, in an optimum way will solve your problems and completely will satisfy your requests, without falling outside the limits the coordinated budget selected for the project.
We accompany with our clients both at a creation and projects implementation stage and after their successful conclusion. If you wish we will provide yours the multimedia house with effective and first line technical support for very reasonable monthly payment.
    You receive:
  • the qualified help and consultations of our experts during the working day in a telephone mode;
  • operational involvement of our highly skilled experts to the solution of your questions and problems;
  • continuous addition of your record library by us and video libraries.
You will come home and the musical albums necessary to you, motion-picture novelties, the animated films, popular series and video clips will already wait for you and will help you and it is pleasant to your relatives to spend time and to have a good time.
Construct the multimedia house and you will find freedom!
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