Multimedia home

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What is the multimedia house?
The decision all - in - one - the modern media centerintegrating in one device universal media - a high definition player (to Full HD 1080p) with the built-in hard drive and the slot for memory sticks of the SD type and a disk player of CDDA, the DVD and Blu-ray, and, besides, possessing the most ample opportunities for functionality extension by installation of internal expansion cards and connection various external and devices becomes heart of yours of the multimedia house.
Link between all devices which are a part of the multimedia house, will be the wireless router, which not only will relieve you of difficult cable connections, and also will provide a convenient and economic method of sharing of your channel of Internet access. Having constructed a basis of the multimedia house, consisting of a media center, Wi-Fi -router and Internet connection, we can connect and share various devices, such as phones, mobile devices, cameras, printers and many other things.
The interesting option, allowing you to save on telephone communication, is VoIP-services (IP telephony). We will set up for you the VoIP-gateway to which it will be possible to connect some "normal" phones and which will give opportunity "to talk on the Internet" for all your family, combining different telecom operators, beginning from the city line, GSM, and finishing VoIP operators.
Particularly we will note of the advantages from connection in your home network of a "network" disk. In this case your house users will receive in the instruction the real NAS system integrating possibilities of the network drive, a print server, UpnP/DLNA/iTunes media servers and providing shared access to your data and the comfortable printing on one printer for all.
Such devices are connected to the TV set, the audio system, or to component Hi-Fi-system is similar to traditional sources of a signal (the DVD/Blu-ray to players). Media a content (the sound, video, images) from devices is transferred to them through wireless to Wi-fi-connection or connection on a local area network. In case of connection to the Internet these devices are capable to reproduce audio-and the video streams provided by such services, as iTunes etc. Thus you can control reproduction of a multimedia content by means of the remote control unit that is very convenient.
We accompany our clients both at a creation and projects implementation stage, and after their successful conclusion. If you wish for very reasonable monthly license fee, we will provide yours the multimedia house with effective and first line technical support.
Construct yours multimedia house and you will find freedom!
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