Computer park management

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Service of personal computers (PCs) and notebooks.
Reduce cumulative cost of possession of your computers!
Our experts will execute a full stroke of operations with your Computer Park beginning from selection, assembly, delivery and setup of safe computers and notebooks optimum for execution of your tasks of a configuration installation on them the license software and finishing the regular monitoring of their status and carrying out timely preventive operations.
Our service and maintenance of high efficiency and quality will allow to prolong period of life of your computer hardware and to minimize costs of purchase of the new and continuous monitoring - to prevent failures and breakages and to prevent the idle times caused by technical malfunctions and losses of data.
The advanced techniques of diagnostics of the equipment used by us and our long-term experience on service of computer technique allow to analyze quickly a situation and to find an optimum method of a solution. We "have always the finger on the pulse", tracking innovations in the IT market and change of its tendencies.
    Our services in PC service:
  • The regular audit of operation of existing information infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of a status of completing PCs, upgrade and repair of computer hardware, the recommendation about feasibility of its changeover.
  • Optimization of expenditures on the software: a choice of optimum diagrams of licensing and software legalization, selection, delivery and implementation of the program complexes in the best way solving business tasks problems of the customer.
  • Control of licenses.
  • Installation, setup, attending and up-dating of a standard software.
  • Installation, setup and consulting on use of a specialized software.
  • Service and maintenance of high efficiency and quality.
  • Technical support and consultations of staff of the customer.
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