IT outsourcing

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IT outsourcing
Outsourcing is a way of optimization of activity of the enterprise at the expense of transfer of non-core functions to the external specialized companies.
IT outsourcing is a transfer of the specialized company of the functions connected with information technologies (IT).
This scheme of work was born, has proved the efficiency and today is widely used by business in all economically developed countries with culture, in which have got used to count money and to minimize expenses.
If you want to cut expenses and to increase overall performance and competitiveness of your company - this service for you!
The statistics shows, that during our dynamic time in the world world IT outsourcing uses to 80 % of the companies of the different size and various fields of activity. Only the largest corporations contain the staff of IT specialists, but even thus transfer a part of the IT of infrastructure to outsourcing.
    Using service IT outsourcing you receive:
  • the guaranteed continuous work of your IT systems;
  • operative involvement of our highly skilled experts to the solution of your IT tasks and problems;
  • essential decrease in risk of loss of crucial data;
  • optimized and absolutely predictable costs of IT infrastructure;
  • continuous access to the latest technologies;
  • the stipulated and controllable quality of service.
    You can:
  • to concentrate resources of your company on core business;
  • to save to 50 % of the means allocated for IT infrastructure.
    Result of our cooperation becomes:
  • support of high performance your computer and office equipments, software, stability augmentation of their operation;
  • extension of period of maintenance of computers, network, communication and peripheral equipment;
  • increase in safety, confidentiality and reliability of processing, transmission and storage of your information;
  • warning and timely preventing of possible problems;
  • saving of your nerves, time and money;
  • stable growth of your main business.
    Why do you save moneys?
  • You save on the permanent IT personnel:
    • it is not necessary to pay a salary, a vacation pay, sick-lists, to awards to "eternally migrating" IT specialists, to do contributions to a pension fund, to pay taxes, to provide social insurance;
    • it is not necessary to incur additional costs on the organization of workplaces of staff of IT department;
    • there is no need to spend huge money for advanced training of the IT personnel and certification in the new directions.
  • Aggregate value of ownership of your computer park decreases at the expense of optimization of quantity and structure supported computer and office equipments, the software, structure of IT systems, and also expense reduction their support decreases.
  • You can optimize costs for the taxation as expenses on IT outsourcing can be brought as economic costs in reports of your accounts department.
    Why you save time?
  • in case of the solution of the complex problem, critical for your business, you won't face insufficient qualification, shortage of knowledge and abilities at your IT staff;
  • operation of your company won't stop for a long time because of technique or software failure if your system administrator is in release, on the sick-list etc. - cooperating with us, you receive round-the-clock technical support;
  • in 90 % of cases the problem, which has arisen at you, already happened in practice of operation of our experts and we have known ready and earlier tested its effective solution;
  • You will avoid the majority of problems, since we are able to predict and not to allow them: our strategy is operation on anticipation, the solution of potential problems before their appearance.
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