IP-telephony (SIP-telephony)

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IP-telephony service

IP-telephony service
IP-telephony (SIP-telephony) - is widely and successfully used worldwide innovative design that combined a conventional telephony and the Internet, through which classical telephony seizes opportunities, began to work much better and more efficiently. In short, IP-telephony is a quality, comfortable, safe, flexible and cheap phone calls over the Internet.

Using our services IP - telephone you will receive:

  • sip optimized (saving up to 70% of the funds, depending on the specifics of your business) and absolutely predictable communication costs;
  • sip guaranteed smooth operation of communication systems in the mode 24x7x365;
  • sip flexibility, agreed and controlled high quality of service;
  • sip convenience in use;
  • sip mobility and time savings;
  • sip a significant reduction in the risk of breach of confidentiality of negotiations and the transfer of critical data;
  • sip regular access to the latest technology, improving the quality and effectiveness of communication.
Lay the operational solution of your tasks and problems on support of the high-quality and protected communication to our highly qualified specialists - and you can concentrate resources on your organization's growth and development of your core business without incurring the costs of building their own communications systems and the maintenance staff serving their employees.



Using IP-telephony opens for you many benefits and advantages over other types of communication, the most important of which - the low cost IP-call. Unlike traditional telephony, enable voice communication between two subscribers expensive long-distance or international dedicated channel during a conversation using IP-telephony your voice is digitized and compressed, and telephone traffic goes through a general or corporate channel on the Internet. This provides much lower prices for communications.
Besides, in case of integration with GSM networks of mobile operators greatly reduces the cost of calls for all mobile direction. In addition, business users can get free calls within the office and with branches, even in other cities.
It's time to cut costs and increase profits of your business - due to low cost IP-call monthly bill for our services quality IP-communication will pleasantly surprise you and it will be much lower than usual.
Do not allow operators to traditional long distance, international and mobile preying on you - go to a SIP-phone!

Flexibility, scalability and security

Want to save 50% of the funds without any loss of quality of communication, and, in addition, winning its flexibility? - Then our IP-telephony services for you!
SIP phone system can be easily integrated with GSM-networks, itself determines the direction of your call and automatically selects the telephone number (urban, mobile, another city, another city of the country), from which the most advantageous to make the call.
Using our Services IP-connection, you can not only easily call from phone to phone, but also from the phone to the computer with a computer (laptop, tablet, smartphone) on the phone, as well as build a secure virtual private network connection to a VPN over the Internet between all branches and representative of your company, no matter where they are.
And, if necessary, you can quickly and easily increase the number of your employees who use communication without costly replacement or upgrading your PBX - the number of subscribers IP-connection can grow almost without restrictions.
Our IP-telephony technology are the ideal solution for combining multiple branch exchanges, providing economical and secure communication across the organization and transmission of confidential information via secure channels.
We specialize in information security and configure our IP-PBX and other equipment of IP-telephony in such a way as to provide access to them only from authorized networks. The multilayer combined system of protection against illegal invasions of malefactors and competitors safely protects your business, excepting attempts of unauthorized connections and wire tapping.

High-quality communication

Unlike a standard analog telephone transmitting voice "as is", our digital IP-connection provides the highest sound quality (if met the minimum required specifications) during a call, you will not hear any crackling or interference in the form of other people's conversations - only interlocutor!
We provide you with the use of only the best and try to imagine the technology and IP-telephony solutions that will forever change your idea of what can and should be a real relationship.
Talking to one another, you and your interlocutors can not even assume that this is done by IP, not the classical telephony - no delay sound, "disappearances" and voice distortion.
Make sure that this is possible - to vote consistently high quality of our IP communications!


In addition, our service IP telephony (SIP telephony) with minimal cost will give you a lot of opportunities that are not dreaming classical mini-automatic telephone exchanges, which previously could only dream of!

You can easily and without extra costs:

  • sipEnsure the security and confidentiality of conversations - by converting voice into digital packets your dialogue will be available exclusively to you and your friend.
  • sipRecord all telephone conversations - if need be, you can quickly search the database required a conversation and listen to it from your computer.
  • sipCheck (listen) talks employees online - a discipline staff, save working time and makes it much easier and faster to solve service incidents and disputes with customers.
  • sipDetail calls at any time to form a variety of analytical reports on calls (using the recommended equipment tested) - see statistics expenditure on outgoing calls, control the telephone burden on staff, find out who is talking to whom and for how long.
  • sipIn convenient time to listen to the voice messages left to you where you were, on vacation or in business trip, in Ukraine or abroad (Voice Mail function) only Internet access is necessary.
  • sipSave constant city number when moving to other office your company won't lose any client.
  • sipCalls from abroad for the same low tariffs - because your voice is transmitted over the Internet for SIP telephony makes no difference where you are in your office or at any other point of the Earth.

START benefit from IP-phone now, just only three simple steps:

  •   IP-Rate the estimated cost of the solution, using a calculator rates
  •   IP-Call us or contact us in any other way you like.
  •   IP-Describe the business challenges that you have regularly dealt with by means of communication - we will advise you in detail, we choose the most optimal and profitable for you to model the use of IP-telephony and this will make you an offer that will be very difficult to refuse.

Want to do business effectively and to become a leader in its industry?
Will help IP-telephony, communications XXI century!

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