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Information security.
In each modern company there are risks of damage or loss of important information, its leakage to the competitors. Failures and equipment breakdowns, inexperience of your employees and the IT personnel intended or accidental plunder or destruction of important data, absence of safe access to general information of remote branches and sales points and a set of other factors can become the reasons of it.
Complex decisions on ensuring information security offered by us is a modern and convenient instrument for ensuring of an order, discipline and safety at your company, pledge of safe and effective work of staff of your company, development and prosperity of your business.
In the short time we will develop technical solutions necessary for you; we will execute delivery, installation, adjustment and servicing of systems of information security. All works are performed by the experienced staff of our company at the highest level, with use of all necessary and most modern equipment. Also we will provide effective and operational maintenance of all means established by our specialists and systems.
    Our services in ensuring information security:
  • Audit of information security, development and implementation of actions for its support.
  • Development new and implementation of available software solutions for support of IT security.
  • Development, creation and attending of end-to-end systems of protection of information.
  • Services of the protected storage and data transfer, including:
    • Bank in clouds (rent of the virtual server) provision to the client of safely protected virtual terminal server with all necessary settings;
    • The Deposit in clouds (place rent on the virtual server) the organization for the client of safe access through the protected communication links to located in date-center to the virtual server with the guaranteed safety of data;
    • safe backup of data;
    • protection of data against illegal access and copying;
    • safe remote access to information;
    • safety of guiding of correspondence;
    • protection of the employees this on portable devices.
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