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    Why with us is profitable?:
  • Reliability: to provide for you stable and guaranteed uninterrupted access to our telecommunication services, we use only the highly reliable server and telecommunication equipment, we reserve all knots and communication channels. Be sure your work with the Internet will not stop for a long time at the most inappropriate moment, because of equipment or software failure. The guarantee of it is reliable, correct, uninterrupted functioning of our telecommunication systems and networks of data transmission and all of them components, and also the correct control and work of the network and telecommunication equipment, their regular audit and preventive maintenance. Our strategy is work on anticipation, timely prevention of possible problems before their emergence. You will avoid the majority of problems, since we are able to predict and not to allow them.
  • Security: developing and introducing any decisions, we carefully study aspects of their safety. Use of CryptoGate, our service of deep enciphering of mail, and also other complex systems of protection of communication channels and data transferred on them, will help you to minimize risk of loss of important information or its leak to competitors. You can be quiet concerning confidentiality of your data, we work at the IT market more than 8 years and we value reputation!
  • Professional service: using our telecommunication services, you receive the high-quality professional service expressed in the operative help in the solution of any your questions and problems. We accompany our clients and we provide them with effective round-the-clock technical support and consultations of high efficiency and quality Having addressed to us, you always receive exhaustive and reliable information about actual products and the services, available telecommunications in the market.
  • Flexibility and optimality: for your convenience we offer every possible options of providing telecommunication services. Our experts and managers individually approach to each inquiry and, taking into account all your wishes and requirements, help to be defined, what decision will be optimum for you. If necessary, we will develop and we will introduce for you the individual, personalized decisions considering features and requirements of your business and in the best way solving yours business-tasks.
  • Quality: a key principle of work for us is the policy focused on the consumer, directed on improvement of quality of services and service. We are capable to satisfy wishes of the most exacting clients. The highest standards of providing service are strictly observed by our employees and representatives across all Ukraine.
  • The broad geography of presence: the wide range, high quality of our telecommunication services and reliable service allow us to develop a user's network which covers today the cities of Kiev, Donetsk and Simferopol. We are not at a stop: you move to new regions, we are already ready to provide you there with habitual service.
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