Electronic trading site

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Electronic trading site
Electronic trading site (ETS) is a complex of the technical equipment, the software and the organizational actions, allowing to integrate in uniform information and trading space of suppliers and customers of the different goods and the services, which used for carrying out procedures of the open electronic tendering and providing interaction of the buyer (customer) with the seller (supplier) through electronic communication links at all stages of the inference of the transaction.
The main objective of our ETS is to help you, participants of the various markets, buyers and sellers, in the organization of the effective tendering on sale and purchase of the goods and services online. We have provided you high-quality and reliable business information and all necessary tools for the conclusion of transactions of purchase and sale, tendering process, auctions, purchases and sales and involvement in them.
Our company (the operator of ETS), for a long time successfully works at the market of information technologies and offers you the innovative tool for effective carrying out the electronic auction.
Our ETS is versatile and it means that any company has an opportunity to appear as the customer and as the supplier of the goods and services, to place information and to carry out all types of trading procedures without restrictions according to the nomenclature. Therefore, it presents the broad spectrum of production and services, than on highly specialized ETS.
Our target audience is the enterprises and establishments, the commercial companies, corporations and their associations interested in extension of sales channels of the production in the modern methods, through services of electronic trading platforms, and also all those, who aims to optimize purchasing activities, to lower expenses and to find the optimum decision on support of the companies with necessary raw materials, materials, the equipment, other goods and services and looks for their safe suppliers.
The system will provide to you, to participants of ETS, a wide row of the services increasing efficiency of your business, and it is open for any organization, irrespective of a field of activity, form of ownership, the size and the location.
We created all necessary conditions in order that you did the business comfortably. If you use services of our ETS, you get conclusive competitive advantages from implementation of the advanced administrative technologies in the field of sale and supply!
    Why we?
  • Advantage: use of services and tools of our ETS in your trading and purchasing activities reduces labor input of the organization and involvement in the auction, optimizes costs of their carrying out and staff, and also provides with everything to participants of the electronic auction equal competitive opportunities and presence in the global market. The price and conditions are not restricted;
  • Safety and reliability: the electronic auction excludes corruption and fraud possibility in case of the inference of transactions of purchase and sale and allows a manual of the companies to supervise trading and purchasing activities at all stages in real time. Many years a basis of business of our company is support of information and technical security therefore we will manage to minimize your risks;
  • Simplicity and convenience: the main tools and a functionality of ETS are simple, available, and clear for study and use even to the unprepared employees that allows you to execute easily any and to carry out flow of documents according to the transaction in electronic form. The involvement in the auction is possible from any point of the world;
  • Neutrality: to provide the open and transparent market and equal conditions for all participants we, as the operator of ETS, adhere to principles of impartiality and an absolute neutrality;
  • Flexibility: we, a command of professionals, permanently move forward, developing and enhancing our trading site according to the current needs of the market, we add new and we modify already existing services and ETS tools.
Key factors of increase of efficiency and competitiveness of any company are growth of the income and lowering of expenses. Our electronic trading site will help you to make it. Use this possibility now!
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