Data processing centers (DPC)


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  • We prefer not to spray the efforts and resources in the pursuit of profit, and to concentrate on the main thing - to provide most high quality services. For this reason our DPC oriented, first of all, on corporate and business clients, aren't ordinary hosting centers and don't offer hosting as a separate service, and only as addition to a package deal if, of course, it is necessary for you
  • But it doesn't mean at all that if you the small company, give you less attention, and service level for you will be lower, than for giant corporation. We quickly, reliably, efficiently and at a reasonable cost will provide you the whole range of our services and solutions, regardless of which sector you represent
  • Years of excellent job in the IT market, reputation of the safe and stable partner, the quality standards operating in our company and the quality monitoring system - important factors of our success and a warranty of your tranquility and confidence of the future.
  • Security is one of key questions for any DPC. But, as a rule, fears in this question - only psychological moment, because of novelty of services of commercial DPC in the Ukrainian market and not habits to them. You have nothing to be afraid - our company specializes many years on support of technical and information security and possesses own innovative development in this area. We are ready and capable to protect your information!;
  • In our data center has all the necessary means and technologies to ensure high availability and confidentiality of your data. We provide you with all the services necessary for comfortable and safe work with your information. Here you can implement any task or the project with the highest requirements to reliability, a continuity, computational capability and quality of service;
  • For customers with high requirements for security and resiliency we are ready to allocate special privileged personal space in the territory of our data-centers - physically fenced from the rest of the data center area, the access to which is closed even for our service personnel, or is possible only with the previously agreed with You regulation.
  • The infrastructure and all engineering subsystems of our DPC are designed and constructed so that to provide round-the-clock stable and smooth operation of the server equipment which was in them and to guarantee you a continuity of execution to them storage functions and processing of your data. We can guarantee operation of your corporate IT services (e-mail, a corporate portal, enterprise management systems, corporate databases, accounting and administrative programs, various network services etc.) in a mode 247365;
  • Placing the equipment in our DPS, forget about troubles - our service of round-the-clock technical support is capable to provide the maximum technically possible speed of response to your addresses and the minimum time of idle times for working capacity restoration, up to almost their total absence;
  • If absence of breaks in operation of information systems is critical need for guiding of effective business by you, we, in addition to the main contract, are ready to conclude with you SLA (the agreement on the guaranteed level of service) and to provide accessibility of information services on necessary for you and stipulated this agreement the high level, bearing for observance of this level financial responsibility. It will allow you to minimize risks in case of equipment placement on our platforms.
  • We are operational monitoring of changes in the market of services, provided by Ukrainian and foreign data center, constantly carry out analysis of your needs and wishes - this is why we offer reasonable, transparent and balanced tariffs for our services. You always get the maximum quality at minimum price - we put our Clients ' interests above our profits;
  • We are open for cooperation and are always happy to live dialogue and are ready to go to meet you, when discussing the issues of personalized services and solutions of non-standard configuration of the equipment and individual pricing conditions;
  • In spite of the individualization of the service we pay the same attention to all our clients, regardless of their size and form of ownership.
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