Data processing centers (DPC)

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The conditions of modern business demand from the Ukrainian and international companies, aiming to take leading line items in the market, maximum speed of receiving, processing and provision of various information and that today is impossible without use of effective, safe and hi-tech IT solutions for processing and data storage automation.
Our data processing centers (DPC) are designed and constructed according to requirements of the international standards of fail safety (ANSI TIA/EIA-942). In them optimal conditions for operation of server and telecommunication equipment in a mode 247365 are created:
  • hermetic high-capacity zones for placement of servers and telecommunication equipment in standard 19" cabinets and stands;
  • two independent channels of the power supplies of sufficient capacity;
  • powerful diesel engine generator with system of automatic start (ASA) and fuel reservoirs;
  • uninterruptible power supplies with high-capacity batteries for guaranteed uninterrupted switching to alternative lines of current supply, capable a long time independently to provide power the equipment of DPS;
  • qualitative systems of industrial cooling and ventilation with the double redundancies, providing a stable temperature mode in hermetic zones;
  • high-speed fiber optic links of Internet access with double reservation from different operators and connection to the largest points of an exchange of the traffic, guaranteeing high speed and reliability of data transfer;
  • high-reliable and efficient network equipment of Cisco Systems, unlimited bandpass range, without traffic demarcation on "internal" and "external", "entering" and "proceeding";
  • technological platforms for reservation of data in several regions of Ukraine;
  • permanent video control, security signaling, access monitoring systems, round-the-clock own and militarized protection, rigid conducting mode on the objects, guaranteeing safety and confidentiality of information;
  • fire alarm system and waterless fire-extinguishing system;
  • round-the-clock monitoring of the equipment of DPS, control of a temperature mode and humidity;
  • specially equipped room for Clients for work with servers through KVM;
  • highly qualified certified specialists and round-the-clock service of technical support;
  • convenient road interchange DPS are located near to public transport and large highways.
The powerful technical basis of our data centers and intellectual potential of their employees allow to provide a broad spectrum of hi-tech services.
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