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The "cloudy" approach to the workplace organization (virtualization) becomes more and more actual today , in the world with an intensive use of computers, networks and the Internet, different devices and gadgets with various operating systems and has a row of important advantages before a standard approach one computer, one user.
The virtual server allows to carry out at the same time of the task of many users, provides unsurpassed reliability and uninterrupted operation of operation, high confidentiality of data and presents you all necessary for comfortable and safe distant work with your information from any point of the world.
    We offer you two options of "cloudy" services:
  • The deposit in clouds (place rent on the virtual server) the organization for the client of safe access through the protected communication links to the virtual server located in our data center with the guaranteed safety of data.
  • Bank in clouds (rent of the virtual server) provision to the client of safely protected virtual terminal server with all necessary settings.
Using services The Deposit in clouds and Bank in clouds you receive
  • Your documents are located on the server which takes place in a data center with continuous temperature, humidity, uninterrupted power and round-the-clock technical support.
  • All data are permanently duplicated and daily are archived, encoded and remain into external storage keys to which are transferred to the client. Even in case of physical loss of all equipment you won't lose neither your information, nor settings of your server and can quickly recover its operation.
  • Problems of virus protection or stability of operation of your PC shan't excite you. Any document can't be lost physically; any arisen problems and malfunctions are eliminated with the manager on duty in the shortest periods.
    Maximum safety of information:
  • Connection to the server is carried out on the encoded channel by means of safe authentication systems of the user and protection of information the software of own development of Crypto Gate or by means of the equipment of CISCO, the leader in the field of access monitoring.
  • You had to regret what by means of iPad is impossible to work with the client bank what iPhone can't open the necessary document or what on iPod there is no possibility to start the necessary application because there is no its version under iPod?
  • To work with Windows-applications at iPad, iPhone and iPod, MacOs and Linux now not only probably, but also it is convenient.
    Convenience of use:
  • In only a few minutes you can be connected to the habitual working environment from where it is necessary: the office, business trips, and tour - nothing becomes to you a hindrance. You will need only the device for connection and Internet access.
  • In case of failure of your computer, it is enough to set software for the protected connection on any available computer, to be connected to the server - and all your working programs and documents are again available.
  • Besides, you receive a uniform work space for all employees connected to service, shared folders and programs, and to the system administrator will be much easier and to assist more conveniently, having connected besides to the server.
  • Using The Deposit in clouds or Bank in clouds, you acquire in one package deal the modern software, the qualified support and use of the modern protected infrastructure.
  • The proposed solutions change easily and scaled according to requirements of your business- you always will remain at height, without bearing thus unjustified expenses.
  • Having become the user of one of services of MIST group of companies, you receive from one hand all complex of services of our subdividings and all advantages from continuous access to perspective innovative technologies of information and safety.
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