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   It is innovative possibility to use video in different strategy of advance of your business, the new effective tool for development of your business, a brand, the company.
   To show associates any important event, whether it is training, a seminar, conference, sporting or any other event, you don't need to agree now with a television channel, to pay a broadcasting time, operation of operators, lighters, assemblers etc.
   We will provide fast and safe delivery of quality video via the Internet to your audience, where they were. These are million customers, agents, or all staff of your company.
   You forget about difficulties in informing of your employees from a branch network and receiving from them back coupling, in the organization of training and professional development of your staff. You don't need to solve organizational problems and to incur heavy expenses on expensive exit actions: to look for a venue, to acquire tickets, cares of living, to bear mass of other expenses.
   We offer you the organization of "webinars" - online of seminars, online of conferences and involvement in them your employees without a lift-off from a workplace, with possibility to ask questions to discuss reports. Thus you don't need to care of any special conditions on the side of the speaker and on places of removed listeners: to your office there comes a command of our experts with all necessary equipment and organizes transmission of reports via the Internet in any geographical point. And in addition it writes all material and presents him to you for repeated use, when training new employees or employees, for any reasons passed "webinar".
   We, one of pioneers Ukrainian online of translations, worked and tested a set of options and methods of the organization of a direct Internet broadcasting, and today with confidence we offer best of our technologies to you.
   Our experts will quickly provide controlled and the main thing qualitative online video translation of any event. Using our technical basis, we can quickly organize the most qualitative Internet broadcasting and support large audience.
depends only on your imagination and needs:
  • Online seminars, trainings and conferences within interregional, international and international structures of the companies, banks are setup of operation of subdividings on uniform result. The excellent tool for online is training of your staff, possibility to inform the staff of branches about new activities, methods of advance of new products and services. In the course of a seminar participants can specify information, ask questions in a chat, and the speaker will receive back coupling from audience which can't contain any hall in a pattern.
  • Translation of exhibitions, sporting, entertaining and mass events opens to you the additional possibilities unavailable to classical television and it is much cheaper than it at cost. It does your web site interactive and promotes increase in its attendance.
  • Translation of public statements is possibility widely to inform the public, considerably to expand audience of conferences, reports of experts, meetings, corporate actions, press conferences and briefings.
  • The organization of advertizing translations presentations of the new goods and services, actions, exhibition actions etc. The target audience beforehand is informed on carrying out translation, its involvement at the expense of the organization of back coupling increases - questions are set in a chat in real time.
  • Our command is one of pioneers, ideologists and experts in area online of video translations and has an extensive experience of their organization and support. Constantly and actively working with basketball teams of the Superleague of Ukraine, we finished technology video translation online to perfection and now we offer it to you.
  • We provide a complete range of services from one resource from shooting of your action by professional video hardware and its online of translation on the Internet before monitoring of final quality of a video stream in real time.
  • We broadcast your quality video on all types of devices: computers (PC, MAC), portable and mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices.
  • In case of a choice of the equipment and installation of parameters online of translations by a priority for us always is the best quality of the picture without interruptions and time delays for the optimum price.
  • The best quality assurances of our services is the trust of our clients, among which such known organizations, as Association of Basketball Clubs of Ukraine - "Superleague", "1C-Bitriks" (Russia), the Specialized exhibition center "EXPODONBASS" (Ukraine) and a set of the companies in the territory of our country and abroad.
  • Relying on understanding of your business and personally you and your needs, we will give you technologies, which will select you among competitors, and we will make it quicker, more qualitatively, cheaper, than others. All our clients show stable growth is not mere words it is history.
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