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JSC "Silur" is the largest in Europe producer of steel ropes and a wire for the various industries, the stabilized armaturny wire and the stabilized armaturny ropes, a metal grid, a fiber, etc. a hardware. Plant as Hartsyzsky staleprovolochno-rope was based in 1949. In 1994 the enterprise was transformed to Open joint Stock Company "Silur", and since 2009 in LLC "Silur".

"In December of 2010. Merged plants" "Stalkanat" "and" "Silurian". "Today, the joint venture is called CHAO" "ON" "Stalkanat-Silurian". "The production association allocated 2 branches: Plant" "Stalkanat" "(Odessa) and the plant "" Silurian "" (Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region) .Predpriyatie manufactures products according to national standards of Ukraine (DSTU), Russia (GOST), Germany (DIN), British (BS), international (ISO , EN).

Applied in CHAO « ON « Stalkanat-Silurian » Modern technologies allow to satisfy the most demanding customer. "

Contact us:
+38 (062) 577-83-58
+38 (062) 7-94-96
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JSC Farlep-Telecom-Holding
At the moment of the foundation in 1994 we passed the way from the small company, beginning the activities with one telephone exchange and one thousand subscribers, to all Ukraine holding of telecommunications agencies. Today branches Farlep work in many large cities of Ukraine.

C inception in 1994 we have grown from a small business start out with one telephone exchange and thousands of subscribers to Ukrainian holding companies of communication. Today FARLEP branches operate in many major cities of Ukraine

Contact us:
+38 (048) 728 62 86
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JSC "VIP-Beton"
Krasnoarmeyskiy plant of construction materials "VIP Beton" is  the modern company with high technological production rate of commodity concrete, construction solution and precast concrete, and also provision of construction and transport services in Donetsk the region.

The companies in the group of companies ASTOR, have a favorable geographical location. Competitive advantages are provided by the use of high quality raw materials and guarantee its permanent minimum reserve of skilled personnel with considerable experience, using the most advanced technology, the ability of plants to operate at full power at any adverse weather conditions, and the development of transport infrastructure, providing timely delivery of all necessary customer materials for the construction of virtually any size.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 343-50-34
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JSC "Profi Press"
The printing company "Profi Press" successfully works at the Ukrainian market since 2003, providing a complete range of printing services.

Since 2006 the printing company "Profi Press" goes in for publishing activities. Consumers of our products are the companies of  the different industries: confectionery and biscuit production, household chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutics, all range of the food industry, perfumery, tobacco and light industry.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 334 97 53
+38 (062) 334 97 54
+38 (062) 334 97 58
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The scientific and technological center "FTIKOM" (Donetsk) provides telecommunication services in Donetsk and area.
DIPT is the largest provider of Donetsk. Switched and permanent Internet access, Radio Ethernet, Frame Relay, a hosting, registration of domains.

STC "Ftikom" (Donetsk) provides telecommunication services in the Donetsk region.

ISP DIPT, the largest provider of Donetsk. Dial-up and broadband Internet connection, RadioEthernet, Frame Relay, hosting, domain registration
Contact us:
+38 (062) 209-20-04
+38 (062) 209-20-05
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VTB League
Organization of live broadcasts Ukrainian basketball clubs with the rise of the signal to the satellite.

VTB United League - club competition, created in 2008 to bring together the leading clubs in Eastern Europe. The fundamental principles of the League proclaimed by the clubs and the national basketball federation of member countries, democracy and the principle of sport.
Contact us:
+7(499) 426 02 62
+7(499)766 47 84
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Dance Center Sergei Dorogovtsev
Dance Center Sergei Dorogovtsev (first name Tantsklub "Rainbow Prestige") was opened in 1978 and has since been a leader in the field of learning dance in the Donetsk region, bringing together the experience and techniques for the best Ukrainian and foreign dance schools.

To date, Dance Centre Sergei Dorogovtseva – is not only a unique program of learning dance, but, above all, a clear system that allows adults and children to learn to dance easily and comfortably in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Professional teachers who have been trained in Europe and Russia are working on a unique methodology of learning dance for all the popular dance styles from ballroom dancing to social dance (Argentine tango, salsa). For members of the Centre have the opportunity to express the energy to dance theme parties, club balls and festivals for children.

Contact us:
+38 050 328 30 83
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