Department of Education and Science of the Donetsk Regional State Administration
Department of Education and Science of the Donetsk Regional State Administration is part of the state administration, accountability and under the control of the Head and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Within its powers management organizes the implementation of legislative acts in the field of education, research, science, technology, innovation and intellectual property, as well as on language policy and oversees their implementation.

The main objectives of management are:
participation in ensuring the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of education, science, technology, innovation and intellectual property;
ensuring the development of the education system;
creation of conditions for the realization of equal rights of citizens of Ukraine to education, social protection of children of preschool and school-age college students, teachers, researchers and other employees of institutions of education and science;
creation of conditions for the citizens of secondary education, the realization of their rights in accordance with the laws of Ukraine on higher education;
ensuring the development of educational, scientific and technical capacity;
monitoring compliance with the acts of legislation on education and science;
Coordination of educational and research institutions related to the management of state administration, organization of work on their human, material and technical, scientific and methodological support;
providing monitoring solutions in the field of education, research, science, technology and innovation in the field of intellectual property protection;
Formation of regional scientific and technical policy;
facilitate the operation of the system of scientific and technical information;
Promoting the integration of national education and science in the global system for the conservation and protection of national interests.
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Arena Druzhba
Sports Palace "Druzhba" (arena "Druzhba") - SCC Donetsk. Capacity of 4100 spectators. Home arena Ukrainian hockey club "Donbass" and the basketball club "Donetsk". "Druzhba" is one of the most important sports facilities of the city, its primary goal - the development of basketball and hockey in the region.

Arena "Friendship" was built in 1975 in the status of the Sports Palace was put into operation next year.
The first large-scale reconstruction, which made the arena suitable for high-level matches, overtook "Friendship" in 2010 Arena received a new refrigeration equipment, modern electronic scoreboards, new plastic bead and a modern air conditioning system. At the same time were built four additional locker rooms, judicial and medical offices.

In the summer of 2011 HC "Donbass" held another stage of reconstruction of the Arena. Capacity of the stands increased from 3.5 to 4.1 thousand places. Then the chairs were replaced, added to the camera installed metal detectors at the entrance, renovated room for press conferences and ticket offices, there was a network foodcourt, opened FanShop.
In 2012. Arena waiting for a new reconstruction. In "Friendship" appeared comfortable VIP-boxes, a new conference room, media center and office space.
Year of construction: 1976
Pad size: 60x30 meters
Media cube
Fast-food chain
Fan Shop
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"New GSM"
Chain stores "NewGsm" engaged in wholesale and retail sale of communications equipment, photo and video equipment, GPS navigation and other electronics.

The company "NewGsm" wholesale and retail markets:
Mobile Phones
Digital cameras and camcorders
Memory Card
means of GPS navigation
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+38 (062) 348-63-52
+38 (095) 008-50-98
+38 (095) 422-75-75
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"Kantselyariya ot A do YA"
Company "Kantselyariya ot A do YA"  was founded in 2003 and successfully operates in the market of office supplies and paper stationery products in different areas to promote products and services. The Office A to Z "not only offers a huge range and high quality of the goods themselves, but also expert advice on the whole range of product mix, creating conditions for comfortable work.

Company ""Kantselyariya ot A do YA" - is:
- Regional distribution: Fabel Castle, Maped, Centropen, KIN, Pilot, Aero, Esselte, Axent, Brunnen, Mrii zbuvayutsya, Shkolyarik, Tecnodidattica, KUM, Rapid and other brands comprehensive services to corporate customers goods for the office
- Provision of operational printing services based on its own copy center
- Servicing retail customers in the trading network "the Office from A to Z"
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+38 (062) 345-35-44
+38 (062) 345-53-44
+38 (062) 349-42-50
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Donetsk exhibition center "EXPODONBASS" is one of the largest exhibition centers in Ukraine, consistently working in the field of organizing and conducting exhibitions. At present the exhibition "EXPODONBASS" covers all major industries Donetsk region.

Over the years the Exhibition Centre were held hundreds of exhibitions of various kinds, which have received considerable attention in the country and abroad. The success of exhibitions, shows their high quality international recognition and to obtain international status.

Every year in the middle of passes to 20 exhibitions, including international ones, in which all participants are given the full list of exhibition services, and legal registration of transactions, contracts, required documents, transport services, customs brokerage services, etc.

The exhibition center has 32,000 square meters of exhibition space, 18,000 square meters of which - closed. Showrooms are located at three levels. The pavilion is designed in such a way that allowed the simultaneous holding of several different exhibitions.

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+380 (62) 381-21-03
+380 (62) 381-21-02
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Stels ISP
LLC "Stels ISP" - the universal telecommunications operator that provides telecommunications services in the cities of Donetsk and Makeyevka.

LLC "Stels ISP" - the universal telecommunications operator that provides telecommunications services in the cities of Donetsk and Makeyevka. Since 2000  "Stels ISP" owns and operates a high-tech backbone network with a total length of about 200 kilometers, and a network of FTTB, stretching over 250 kilometers and covers more than 120 thousand households, which enables us to provide voice services and data services, IP-applications and IP-TV to individuals, corporate clients, Ukrainian and international operators.
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+38 (062) 3-320-320
+38 (095) 746-52-64
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"Constanta" Ltd.
"Constanta"  Ltd. was founded in 1999. The firm specializes in complex automation of all types of accounting programs on the basis of "1C".

We are rapidly developing Ukrainian company, we strive to be a leader in the Ukrainian market of information technologies and automation. The basis of the success and uniqueness of our company is the professionalism of our staff and the active use of advanced information technologies.
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+38 (062) 210-02-02
+38 (099) 254-33-33
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