JSC Chasov-Yar Refractory Works
The PJSC Chasov-Yar Refractory Works is the forefather of the refractory production in Ukraine.
The prerequisite for the enterprise creation was the unique clay deposit and the favorable customers´ location.

"Industrial and civil construction plant produces ceramic brick front and ordinary light beige color.

Ceramic brick Chasov refractory plant - is a reliable material for the construction, which is made of completely natural and environmentally friendly materials, (in production technology used refractory and refractory clay Hours Yar-field), which is confirmed by sanitary epidemilogicheskimi Finally, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. "

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+38 (062) 340-14-01
+38 (062) 332-09-52
+38 (062) 340-14-03
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The main direction is reflected in the slogan NAVI direction "Electronics for travel." Currently, the brand is representative of the best deals in the area of navigation, tracking and protection using satellite positioning systems.

Currently, the brand NAVI operates under the motto "Electronics for travel." Offered goods and services are based on systems that are widely used in Europe and America.

Extended range of products sold by NAVI for active, energetic, able to work and relax in comfort people use a variety of appliances and electronics to enable them to save time, time to get the necessary information.

Uniqueness NAVI are related services and support, which enable our customers to maximize the use of any product purchased from us.
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+38 (044) 599-30-75
+38 (062) 388-70-79
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LLC "Special equipment"
LLC "Special equipment" provides customers with quality solutions in the design, implementation and maintenance of security systems at various levels of complexity and offers a full range of security services from professional advice prior to installation of "turnkey".

Ltd. « Special equipment » offers its clients a full range of products and services, defining the concept of "technical safety". All equipment proposed to be installed, certificated in Ukraine. The work is fully taken into account all the wishes of the client and offers the latest equipment optimally combines price and quality. The enterprise specialists provide qualified information support in all areas.
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+380 (44) 599-30-75
+38 (062) 311-94-94
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The main activity of "integration" is the development, implementation and maintenance of information systems of enterprises of all sizes in various organizations as a financial, public and commercial sectors.

With the "Integration" You will be able to focus all their attention and resources on core tasks without thinking about the problems of functioning and development of its IT infrastructure.
Our experts are ready at any time to provide professional advice to build and optimize your IT infrastructure to offer you
the best solutions for specific tasks (secure mail, online broadcast, terminal access, Internet and more remote places
etc.), perform complex projects on introduction of modern technologies, followed by maintenance and support, to provide you with the service and
maintenance of high efficiency and quality.
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+38 (044) 599-30-75
+38 (062) 388-70-79
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"IT Solutions"
At any time specialists of "IT Solutions" are ready to provide to you professional consultation on IT infrastructure creation, to propose the best solution for a videoconference, to execute complex projects on implementation of modern technologies with the subsequent attending and support.

IT-Solutions experts are always ready to provide you with professional advice on the construction of IT-infrastructure, offer the best solution for video conferencing, execute complex projects on introduction of modern technologies, followed by maintenance and support.

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+38 (044) 586-26-76
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JSC "SITEL" is created in 2000 for the purpose of activity in the field of communication and performance of special types of operations in designing and building.
From the beginning of activity of "SITEL" has created own transport network for information transfer of different type (the data, a voice) on the basis of fiber lines of communication by the general expansion of 450 km.
The company has own fiber optic network in Kiev, and also in cities-companions. Every day "SITEL" expands the network for quality assurance of provided services.

Since the beginning of activity of "CITEL" created its own transport network to transmit information of different types (data, voice) on the basis of fiber-optic communication lines with a total length of 450 km. The company has its own fiber optic network in Kiev, as well as in the satellite towns. Every day, Ltd. "CITEL" expands its network, in order to ensure that the quality of services provided.

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+38 (044) 206-19-06
+38 (044) 206-12-06
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Odesa Hotel Complex
The hotel complex "Odessa" perfectly combines traditional hospitality and modern technology, providing guests with the highest level of service.

Hotel complex "Odessa" - the best choice for a comfortable stay in the resort area of Odessa. In 2012, the hotel complex "Odessa" has been completely renovated and turned into a modern hotel with an updated and expanded capacity ivent- and conference capabilities. At the moment, all rooms are in line with European standards - each room is equipped with modern facilities. The hotel complex "Odessa" is located in the exclusive resort area of Odessa - Arcadia, a distance of many attractions, beaches, parks, business centers and shopping malls.
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+38 (048) 705-77-08
+38 (048) 705-77-10
+38 (048) 705-77-14
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