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JSC "Gosudarstvenny Oshchadbank Ukrainy"
"Oshchadbank" is the unique bank having the state guarantee on population deposits. It provides services to physical persons and legal entities. Also "Oshchadbank" is the member of Association of the Ukrainian banks.

Oschadbank was founded in 1991 on the basis of institutions Savings Bank of the USSR in Ukraine. The Bank is a public financial institution and under the control of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In terms of assets (more than 86 billion. Hryvnia) Oschadbank among the top three largest financial institutions in Ukraine.

Oschadbank is a universal bank and provides services to both individuals and legal entities. Special emphasis on the financial institution does work in retail, which contributes greatly to a wide branch network - about 6,000 outlets throughout Ukraine.

As of April 1, 2013, the loan portfolio amounted to almost 50 billion. Hryvnia, most of these funds has been directed to crediting of Ukrainian business and government enterprises. In the accounts Savings Bank holds about 33 billion. Hryvnia public funds, and more than 7 billion. Hryvnia corporate funds.
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+38 (044) 247-85-69
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JSC "Soyuz"
Bank "Soyuz" is the one of the most steady and dynamically developing commercial banks of Ukraine. The Bank conducts the work since 2007. Now the "Soyus" Bank is the universal financial credit institute, specializing on servicing of the enterprises and private customers, providing a wide range of bank products and services.

Open Joint Stock Company "Commercial Bank" Union "was founded in 2006. Currently, the Bank « UNION » is a universal financial and credit institution specializing in servicing corporate and private clients, providing a wide range of banking products and services.

Contact us:
+38 (044) 393-93-40
+38 (062) 389-70-81
+38 (0652) 79-00-92
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PSC " Privatbank"
"Privatbank" is the national network of bank servicing including more than 3 000 branches and departments across all Ukraine. It allows any client to receive the highest service level practically in any point of the country. The wide range of foreign partners of "Privatbank" not only shows its recognition as the full participant of a world bank system, but also the most important it allows to satisfy most widely needs of clients of the bank, connected with their international activities. "Privatbank" maintains a correspondence relation with the largest foreign banks, effectively cooperating with them on various segments of the financial market.

Privatbank started its activities in 1992. For more than 20 years, he became the largest bank in Ukraine. In the ranking of the NBU in terms of assets consistently takes 1st place – of its total assets amount to about 175 billion. hryvnia (on 04.01.2013). This is actually twice as much as the second largest bank in the country - the state Ukreximbank. The Bank is part of the eponymous group « Private » ;, which includes more than 100 companies in Ukraine and abroad. Privatbank has subsidiaries in Russia, Latvia, Georgia, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. Privat is a universal bank, working with individuals and legal entities. The lion's share of resources from the financial institution attracts population - April 1, 2013 in the portfolio was more Privat 87 billion. Hryvnia of citizens of Ukraine. Means the company has exceeded 21 billion. Hryvnia. The bank has an extensive branch network - about 3.4 thousand. Branches and offices in the cities and villages of Ukraine. Significant part of the strategy is to encourage customers Privat to conduct non-cash payments through its own network of ATMs (more than 7.7 thousand.), POS-terminals (54 thous.), Self-service terminals (4,3 thous.) And Internet banking.
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+38 (056) 716 11 31
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"Ukrsibbank" was based 1990 in Kharkov. During this time the bank passed a prompt way from regional bank to the national leader. From the national leader to the member of one of the largest world bank groups.

UkrSibbank was founded in 1990 in Kharkov. UkrSibbank is a universal bank and works with both legal and natural persons, but the main focus is on retail activity - the financial institution serves approximately 2 million. Ukrainians.

To date, UkrSibbank ranked among the top 20 largest banks in Ukraine in terms of assets, which on 1 April 2013 reached almost 26 billion. Hryvnia. More than 15 billion. Hryvnia one bank almost proportionally placed in business loans (bank customers - about 4 thousand. Large companies and more than 255 thousand. Representatives of SMEs) and households. In this case, the bank is saved more than 17 billion. Hryvnia of individuals and legal entities.

The bank has an extensive branch network, which has more than 700 branches.
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+38 (044) 590 06 75
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Ukrainian Financial World Bank
Ukrainian Financial World Bank is oriented to partnership with the client and long-term, trusting relationships. We are always glad to see you in bank departments in Donetsk, Kiev and Kharkov. For years of work the bank proved as the reliable partner, deserved customer confidence and took strong line items among banks of Donetsk and Ukraine.

Public Joint Stock Company « Commercial Bank "Ukrainian Financial World » part of the corporation Olympus. The Bank was founded in 2003. Provides its clients, individuals and legal entities, wide range of banking services. The Bank operates through a network of offices located in Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia region, with headquarters in the city of Donetsk. Professionalism, customer orientation, financial responsibility and openness allowed the bank to earn the trust of clients and take a strong position among the banks of Ukraine.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 348-81-81
+38 (044) 59-49-810
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USSP in case of UMIA of Ukraine
For years of the existence State Service of Protection passed development and formation, representing today one of the most numerous and powerful structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Over the years, the State Security Service was held development and formation, representing today one of the largest and most powerful structures of the MVD.
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JSC Slavtreyd Bravo
Limited liability company "Slavtreyd Bravo" is the young, modern, dynamically developing company, which is purposefully increasing the presence in the markets of Slavyansk. The company is engaged in a trading activity more than 2 years, positioning itself in the "supermarket" format. Today 2 supermarkets of "Bravo" work at  Slavyansk. There is a planning of expansion of a network to the regional level.

Limited Liability Company « Slavtreyd Bravo » - Young, modern, dynamic company focused to increase its presence in the market Slavyansk. The company is engaged in trading activities for more than 2 years, positioning itself in the format « supermarket » ;. To date, the market works Slavianska 2 supermarkets « Bravo » ;. Is planning to expand the network of regional
Contact us:
+38 (050) 573-86-47
+38 (050) 190-52-53
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