DIVAN.TV - television, movies, music, online broadcast available in Ukraine and 200 countries worldwide.
Organization of live video Ukrainian basketball and hockey matches using cheaper internet technologies.

Service Divan.TV presents at today's Smart TV, on TV the previous generation, as well as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
The ability to access content from a mobile device anywhere in the world where there is a stable Internet - DIVAN.TV works with any of the providers.
Completely legal content - more than a hundred television channels, including HD and 3D. Electronic program guide. An extensive library of high-quality video: contemporary movies and TV shows, cartoons, transmission, sports events, and educational materials.
Hundreds of radio stations, thousands of music tracks and video clips of popular performers.

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0 (800) 210 010
+38 (044) 585-55-60
+38 (044) 599 59 31
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"Hockey Extra League"
"Hockey Extra League" is the strongest Ukrainian Hockey League. It formed in 2015.
Organization of direct video broadcasts of the Ukrainian hockey matches with use of cheaper Internet of technologies.

"The hockey Extra League" resolves key issues of holding the championship of Ukraine on ice hockey in a new season, developments of the "Ice Hockey Championship of Ukraine" brand, active announcement of official actions, first of all matches of the championship, promotion of players, coaches, teams-participants of the championship in mass media, and also the organization of straight lines television and Internet broadcasts of matches of the competition.
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+38 098 515 30 97
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Consulting group Alla Zadneprovska "Live Business"
Consulting Group Alla Zadneprovsk "Live Business" works in the Ukrainian market of training and development since 2002.
The portfolio consist of the 1500 projects, a thousand organizations, including more than half - corporate customers.
The measure of success is not only the improvement of business performance, customer organizations, but also a qualitative change in the life of the participant’s projects.
Around 700 trainers for enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, and Moldova have released School Coaches for 8 years.

The measure of our success is not only improving business performance client-organizations, but also a qualitative change in the life of the participants in the projects. Our product portfolio contains about 100 programs and 35 complex sentences. We work in a wide range of industry, which has 20 business segments.

Contact us:
(044) 503-72-03
(044) 503-72-04
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PJSC SIC BORSHCHAHIVSKIY CPP - a vivid example of creating a modern pharmaceutical enterprise of European level in Ukraine, which successfully integrates scientific potential and high-tech modern production into a single effective complex.

Currently BORSHCHAHIVSKIY CPPoccupies a leading position among Ukrainian producers in terms of production and sales of finished drugs.

The company is involved in various activities:

Production and distribution of drugs
Contract manufacturing
Export of finished drugs
Production of medicines for veterinary medicine
Manufacture of dietary / nutritional supplements

Contact us:
+38 (044) 497-21-48
+38 (044) 404-79-53
+38 (044) 497-71-40
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Today "OLFA" has exclusive rights to distribution and promotion of several tens of pharmaceutical products in Ukraine.

"OLFA" started its activities in the domestic market in 1999 godu.Na initial phase of the work was determined by co-operation with the Latvian pharmaceutical factory "Olainfarm" in promoting its products in Ukraine. "OLFA" was able to find its niche in the segment of wholesale operators domestic pharmaceutical market. Now company presents medicines and medical products of two Latvian proizvoditeley.S safe to say that some presented by "OLFA" drugs can be found in any drugstore Ukraine.
Contact us:
+38 (044) 503-89-20
+38 (044) 503-89-24
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Amaxa - pharmaceutical company specializing in products for oncology, hematology, neonatology and a wide range of OTC drugs.

AMAXA has more than 10 years of experience work. The main specialization of the company - in the development and promotion of products on the markets of the CIS. Amaxa team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry and drug development. We maintain close ties with leaders of key opinions throughout the process of research and development for each of our products and services.
Contact us:
+38 (044) 581-24-45
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Bi Pharma
"Bi-Pharma" - Ukrainian pharmaceutical company engaged in the marketing support and promotion of farm products.

"Bi-Pharma" - Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, successfully, quickly and confidently gaining customers in the Ukrainian market farm products.

Contact us:
+38 (044) 501-69-79
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