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Company "Iversi"
The company "Iversi" provides a comprehensive promotion and advertising, web development and online stores.

The company "Iversi" - is:
1) Development of selling sites and online stores in Donetsk and not only. Services to develop websites of any complexity "turnkey.
2) Website promotion and sold at competitive demands and promotion of online stores on a large number of phrases.
3) Integrated promotion of sites - one of the most effective options for customers to find your business on the Internet.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 345 84 62
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Company "Zveno"
Internet Solutions Agency "Zveno" - services of professionals in the field of Internet-based business solutions.

"Zveno" - a group of professionals, united by common goals and interests. Each of us has experience in your field, one way or another related to the development and implementation of Internet-based business solutions. In the process of performing the most basic structure of different orders replenished professionals whose knowledge help us quickly and efficiently implement specific solutions.
- Online Directories
- Shop
- Customer Support System
- Corporate information portals

Contact us:
+38 (062) 345 24 15
+38 (050) 470 48 64
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Company "Kranokomplekt"
"KRANOKOMPLEKT" LLC (Donetsk) is the exclusive representative in Ukraine plant "MB Yantra" AD (Gabrovo, Bulgaria) and "Volga-Vyatka Mechanical Plant" LLC  (Kirov, Russia).

"KRANOKOMPLEKT" LLC  delivers hoist (electric hoists) mobile, fixed, reduced headroom type MRM g / n from 1t., Up to 50 tons, cranes and double-girder bridge with one beam, gantry, jib cranes, grabs, traverses, freight staples, metal structures and special tools for various industries. The company also accepts orders for manufacturing of cast iron castings (gray, high alloyed) and steel (alloy, heat-resistant, manganese 110G13L, carbon) and is able to produce various metal, lens compensators, flues, elbows bent and knuckle, various reservoirs, pipelines , boilers, vaults, pipes.
Contact us:
+380 (062) 213-03-73
+380 (062) 388-36-97
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Company "UBSK 17-2"
"UBSK 17-2" Ltd.  - a company providing services to the waterproofing, moisture protection, restoration of building structures, thermal insulation of all surfaces.

"UBSK 17-2" - а company that has long been active in the wound of Ukraine and provides services to the waterproofing, moisture protection, restoration of building structures, thermal insulation of all surfaces. Also performs general construction, repair, installation, electrical work.
Contact us:
+380 (50) 470-21-29
+380 (62) 344-01-95
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Company "Spetsmontazhinzhiniring"
Company "Spetsmontazhinzhiniring" -  one of the leaders in the market for flame-retardant processing, installation supply and exhaust ventilation systems, security and fire alarm systems.

Company "Spetsmontazhinzhiniring" founded in 2011. Despite the youth of "media" is already one of the leaders in the market for fire alarm installation. The combination of high quality and acceptable price level might be interested in even the most demanding customers. The company has all necessary licenses for the services provided, the spectrum of which is regularly extended.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 385-98-01
+38 (050) 886-40-81
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