The history of the company "NIKO", as a manufacturer of infusion solutions, has its origins in 1994. Established enterprise begins its journey to the pharmaceutical market with a small capacity, gradually gaining credibility and gaining experience in the industry. Purchasers of drugs are large and medium-sized wholesale and retail pharmaceutical firms located in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.

Under the brand name Nikopharm produced the first and only to date, domestic pharmaceutical products in the new plastic packaging conforming to international quality standards. With more than fifteen years of experience, our company is today - an innovator pharmaceutical technology leader in the manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical products in innovative packaging in the domestic market.

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Zaporizhzhya Handball Team "Motor"
Organization of live broadcasts of matches in cooperation with Zaporizhzhya handball team "Motor"

Since its inception in November 1991, EHF assumed the role of an ambassador to the European handball, acting as a common voice for the European member federations and representing all the European Handball family on the international sports arena.

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The first national carrier of Ukraine "Ukrbus" is dynamically developing company in the sphere of passenger and luggage bus traffic. It was based at the beginning of 2007.

The important distinctive feature of our company is that as the investor of this project was the domestic enterprise Ilitash Production Association without attraction of the foreign equity acted. Therefore "Ukrbus" entered the market of transportations under the slogan First national carrier of Ukraine.

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+38 (067) 520-30-00
+38 (095) 399-00-00
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Prime Minister Fireplace
Our main objective is the help to our clients in implementation of their plans, ideas and, to some extent, dream of heat, comfort and a cosiness. For the years spent near you, we developed and realized a set of various projects. Every day communication allows us to move apart the horizons of our possibilities, for the solution of your tasks. For the solution of the tasks, we very carefully approached to a choice of partners, having forever defined for myself a keyword which should characterize the goods represented by us: quality. Over the years spent with you, we have developed and implemented a wide variety of projects. Every day communication allows us to push the horizons of our abilities to solve your problems. To solve your problems, we are very careful in selecting partners, forever defining for themselves a keyword that should characterize submitted to us goods: quality.

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+38 (050) 347-59-12
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Private Company Gerkules
Trading base "Hercules" was founded September 22, 1994, provides wholesale and retail trade of food appointment (groceries, canned pasta, cereals), and in some branded items is the exclusive distributor in the region.

Trading base "Hercules" sells goods to famous brands like Ukraine and marks and abroad. "Hercules" is
the official distributor of TM as:
Ltd. "Terra": cereals and cereal fast food in an assortment of more than two dozen titles;
CCI Ltd. "Sphere": food concentrates in various types of packaging: jelly, cream custard, jelly, soup in stock more than one hundred names;
TM "Tsvetaromat" spices and seasonings in the range of more than one hundred items;
TM "Golden barn": canned products in stock.

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+38 (099) 292-20-94
+38 (050) 548-51-27
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Company Vivaio - professionally performs all types of landscaping as an integral part of nature gifts in modern high-tech world.

Company Vivaio for more than five years of helping people realize dreams for improvement of urban areas, farmlands, creating masterpieces of shrubs, flowers, trees and stones.
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+38 (050) 29-29-818
+38 (093) 749-40-60
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PolymerMarket - Ukrainian electronic trading platform, a tool for the effective conduct of electronic trading.

Electronic Trading PolymerMarket - a set of technical equipment, software and organizational measures to be used for an open electronic trading between members of the polymeric market of Ukraine and provides an effective procedure of purchase (sale) of raw materials, products, equipment, technologies, etc.

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+38(062) 345-92-31
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