Basketball Federation of Ukraine
The activities of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine is aimed at further development of basketball as one of the most popular sports.
Organization of direct video broadcasts of the Ukrainian basketball games with use of cheaper Internet of technologies.

The Federation of basketball of Ukraine is based on February 28, 1992 and officially received in members of the International Federation of basketball (FIBA) on July 10, 1992.
In practical work much attention is paid to the organization and carrying out All-Ukrainian competitions of different age and level, and also ensuring participation of club teams of the country in Euro cups, national teams of teams - in the main competitions of the international Federation of basketball (FIBA): The European championships, the World, the Olympic Games, and also national teams of young men and girls of different age categories - in European championships.
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+380 (44) 239 86 01
+380 (44) 239 86 02
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Organization of Ukrainian basketball live broadcasts using cheaper Internet technologies. Thanks ABU signal our creative team get clients online services DivanTV and Megogo

The Association was established on May 15, 2009. The main purpose - centralized management championship and ensuring the influence of each participant "Super League" to take any decisions regarding the competition. Each team has a representative office (1 vote) in the supreme governing body of "Super League". The votes of all members are equal. Important issues are resolved by a vote of the participants "Super League". Organization and conduct of the championship provides the management body of the association.

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+380(44) 359-01-41
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Organization of live broadcasts Ukrainian basketball clubs with the rise of the signal to the satellite and using cheaper Internet technologies.

Group of companies "Poverkhnost" is a large holding company: the company "Poverkhnost Sport TV" with the actual produced TV channels "Sport 1", "Sport 2"
On the basis of the technical studio in December 2005 created two national television channels broadcast by satellite transmitting complex. The main content of the software are purchased TV products world and European level.

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+38 044 235 42 57
+38 044 234 60 94
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"Sport 2" is the sporting TV channel. Broadcast of the championships and tournaments per the most popular sports: to soccer (the World Cups and the continent, Euro cups carrying the championships of the countries of Europe), to beach soccer, a futsal, tennis, golf, an auto racing, basketball, badminton, volleyball, boxing. The organization of forward translations with rise of a signal on the satellite and with use of cheaper the Internet of technologies.

Group of companies "Poverkhnost" is a large holding company: the company "Poverkhnost Sport TV" with the actual produced TV channels "Sport 1", "Sport 2"
On the basis of the technical studio in December 2005 created two national television channels broadcast by satellite transmitting complex. The main content of the software are purchased TV products world and European level.
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Organization of live broadcasts Ukrainian basketball clubs with the rise of the signal to the satellite.

A world leader in the field of sports management, Euroleague enjoying its second decade of sustained growth as an innovative organizer of elite competitions and events. Euroleague was founded in 2000 under a private organizational model considered a breakthrough for European professional team sports. Now operates two prime basketball competition of the continent, the Turkish Airlines Euroleague and Eurocup, consisting of 72 teams from as many as 25 countries.

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Organization of live broadcasts Ukrainian basketball clubs with the rise of the signal to the satellite and using cheaper Internet technologies.

Group of companies "Poverkhnost" is a large holding company:
- The company "Poverkhnost Sport TV" with the actual produced TV channels "Sport 1", "Sport 2";
- Poverkhnost-UK company with 2 unique in Ukraine digital satellite transceiver station (SNG)
- Carries broadcast via satellite Hellas Sat 2
"Poverkhnost" is a provider of satellite television and has its own package of satellite channels "" Poverkhnost + "", including HD-channels.
"Poverkhnost" -  the first and only company in Ukraine broadcasting format HDTV.

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+38 044 235 42 57
+38 044 234 60 94
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Kartina.TV is  international, Ukrainian, Russian TV, round-the-clock news and movies, sports reviews, foreign radio broadcasting - all that was once beyond desires becoming reality with the penetration of digital television to the Internet.
Organization of live video Ukrainian basketball and hockey matches using cheaper internet technologies.

Kartina.TV is the best way to watch television. Kartina.TV is ideal for English speaking viewers living abroad. No need to install a satellite dish or cable TV plug  enough to have home access to the Internet.
Kartina.TV offers a comprehensive package that includes not only Russian TV channels and a number of CIS countries. In addition to broadcasting  channels the package includes Archive and a Video Library. If you missed the release of the live broadcast, in two weeks it is available in the Archives - just select it in the TV program. In the Video Library you'll find the best movies and TV shows that you can call to view at any time.

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+49 69 84 84 540
+7 800 77 58 329
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DIVAN.TV - television, movies, music, online broadcast available in Ukraine and 200 countries worldwide.
Organization of live video Ukrainian basketball and hockey matches using cheaper internet technologies.

Service Divan.TV presents at today's Smart TV, on TV the previous generation, as well as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
The ability to access content from a mobile device anywhere in the world where there is a stable Internet - DIVAN.TV works with any of the providers.
Completely legal content - more than a hundred television channels, including HD and 3D. Electronic program guide. An extensive library of high-quality video: contemporary movies and TV shows, cartoons, transmission, sports events, and educational materials.
Hundreds of radio stations, thousands of music tracks and video clips of popular performers.

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0 (800) 210 010
+38 (044) 585-55-60
+38 (044) 599 59 31
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"Hockey Extra League"
"Hockey Extra League" is the strongest Ukrainian Hockey League. It formed in 2015.
Organization of direct video broadcasts of the Ukrainian hockey matches with use of cheaper Internet of technologies.

"The hockey Extra League" resolves key issues of holding the championship of Ukraine on ice hockey in a new season, developments of the "Ice Hockey Championship of Ukraine" brand, active announcement of official actions, first of all matches of the championship, promotion of players, coaches, teams-participants of the championship in mass media, and also the organization of straight lines television and Internet broadcasts of matches of the competition.
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+38 098 515 30 97
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Consulting group Alla Zadneprovska "Live Business"
Consulting Group Alla Zadneprovsk "Live Business" works in the Ukrainian market of training and development since 2002.
The portfolio consist of the 1500 projects, a thousand organizations, including more than half - corporate customers.
The measure of success is not only the improvement of business performance, customer organizations, but also a qualitative change in the life of the participant’s projects.
Around 700 trainers for enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, and Moldova have released School Coaches for 8 years.

The measure of our success is not only improving business performance client-organizations, but also a qualitative change in the life of the participants in the projects. Our product portfolio contains about 100 programs and 35 complex sentences. We work in a wide range of industry, which has 20 business segments.

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(044) 503-72-03
(044) 503-72-04
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PJSC SIC BORSHCHAHIVSKIY CPP - a vivid example of creating a modern pharmaceutical enterprise of European level in Ukraine, which successfully integrates scientific potential and high-tech modern production into a single effective complex.

Currently BORSHCHAHIVSKIY CPPoccupies a leading position among Ukrainian producers in terms of production and sales of finished drugs.

The company is involved in various activities:

Production and distribution of drugs
Contract manufacturing
Export of finished drugs
Production of medicines for veterinary medicine
Manufacture of dietary / nutritional supplements

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+38 (044) 497-21-48
+38 (044) 404-79-53
+38 (044) 497-71-40
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Today "OLFA" has exclusive rights to distribution and promotion of several tens of pharmaceutical products in Ukraine.

"OLFA" started its activities in the domestic market in 1999 godu.Na initial phase of the work was determined by co-operation with the Latvian pharmaceutical factory "Olainfarm" in promoting its products in Ukraine. "OLFA" was able to find its niche in the segment of wholesale operators domestic pharmaceutical market. Now company presents medicines and medical products of two Latvian proizvoditeley.S safe to say that some presented by "OLFA" drugs can be found in any drugstore Ukraine.
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+38 (044) 503-89-20
+38 (044) 503-89-24
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Amaxa - pharmaceutical company specializing in products for oncology, hematology, neonatology and a wide range of OTC drugs.

AMAXA has more than 10 years of experience work. The main specialization of the company - in the development and promotion of products on the markets of the CIS. Amaxa team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry and drug development. We maintain close ties with leaders of key opinions throughout the process of research and development for each of our products and services.
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+38 (044) 581-24-45
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Bi Pharma
"Bi-Pharma" - Ukrainian pharmaceutical company engaged in the marketing support and promotion of farm products.

"Bi-Pharma" - Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, successfully, quickly and confidently gaining customers in the Ukrainian market farm products.

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+38 (044) 501-69-79
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Takeda Pharmaceuticals International GmbH
"Takeda Ukraine" (up to 2011, "Nycomed Ukraine") - a pharmaceutical company, a part of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda").
"Takeda" - a company that operates in more than 70 countries around the world, in Japan, the US, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, and has over 230 years of history. Pharmaceutical products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.
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+380 44 390-09-09
+380 44 390-29-29
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WÖRWAG Pharma International
Pharmaceutical company "WÖRWAG Pharma" - a company that has the family tradition and values.
For 40 years, the pharmaceutical company "WÖRWAG Pharma" has a positive experience and know-how in the production of high-quality drugs for the treatment of diabetes and its complications.
The origins of the company takes in 1965, when Dr. Fritz Vorvag opened a pharmacy in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Already in 1971, the company's portfolio appeared Magnerot drug, and since 1985 - drugs that contain benfotiamine.
The positive development of the company provides high-quality drugs, a team of professional staff and visionary leadership.
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(044) 501-55-47
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Abbott Laboratories S.A.
The company "Abbott Products" previously "Solvay Pharma", is part of Abbott - one the world's leading healthcare companies.
Abbott (Abbott) - a diversified international company operating in the health sector. The company is engaged in research, development, manufacture and distribution of drugs and medical supplies, including health food, medical devices and means of laboratory diagnosis. The company has 83,000 employees, the company's products are represented in more than 130 countries.
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+38044498 60 80
+38044498 60 81
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Association of Cardiologists of Ukraine ("M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology")

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(044) 249-70-26
(044) 249-70-17
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JSC "Rayffayzen Bank Aval"
"Rayffayzen Bank Aval" is universal commercial bank of Ukraine which provides services to physical persons and legal entities. On many years "Rayffayzen Bank Aval" remains the leader of the banking market of Ukraine.

Raiffeisen Bank Aval was founded in 1992. Until 2005, when the capital of financial institutions became a holding company Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG (Vienna, Austria), it was called "Joint-Stock Post Pension Bank" Aval ". The Bank operates in the corporate segment, including serving SMEs and retail sectors.

To date, Raiffeisen Bank Aval is in the top 5 largest banks in Ukraine, and its assets on April 1, 2013 reached 46 billion. Hryvnia. Bank's loan portfolio amounted to 26 billion. Hryvnia. In Raiffeisen Bank Aval is saved about 29 billion. Hryvnia of individuals and legal entities.
The Bank is represented in all regions of Ukraine and has an extensive branch network, which has more than 800 offices in major cities and towns, regional and district centers.
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+380 (800) 500-500
+380 (800) 505-045
+380 (800) 500-738
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PSC " Prominvestbank"
"Prominvestbank" was based in 1992. From the moment of the basis of PIB enters into group of the largest banks of Ukraine. In 2001 the bank was included for the first time into the list of 1000 largest banks of the world, what is and today. The English magazine "The Banker" (Financial Times) in 2003, 2004 and 2006 recognized Prominvestbank as Bank of year in Ukraine.

Prominvestbank (PIB) was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Soviet branch "ICB". PIB provides a full package of banking services to individuals and legal entities, but the focus is on working with corporate clients. Prominvestbank has a network of 89 banking outlets. In the ranking of the NBU in terms of assets Prominvestbank consistently ranks in the top 10, its assets exceed $ 40 billion. Hryvnia. Almost 30 billion. Hryvnia sent to the financial institution lending to corporate clients, retail loan portfolio is insignificant in volume. The bank kept 13.3 billion. Hryvnia of individuals and legal entities.
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+38 (044) 201-51-20
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JSB "Express bank"
The Express bank provides a complete range of banking services both for the individual and for the legal entity. Now JSB "Express bank" provides and permanently expands a range of banking services in all regions of Ukraine. The network of Express Bank consists of 8 branches and 143 departments.

Bank "Express bank" provides a full range of banking services to both private individuals and legal entities. At present, the Express-Bank provides and constantly expanding range of banking services in all regions of Ukraine. Network Express-Bank consists of 8 branches and 143 offices.
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+38 (044) 248-85-85
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JSC "Gosudarstvenny Oshchadbank Ukrainy"
"Oshchadbank" is the unique bank having the state guarantee on population deposits. It provides services to physical persons and legal entities. Also "Oshchadbank" is the member of Association of the Ukrainian banks.

Oschadbank was founded in 1991 on the basis of institutions Savings Bank of the USSR in Ukraine. The Bank is a public financial institution and under the control of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In terms of assets (more than 86 billion. Hryvnia) Oschadbank among the top three largest financial institutions in Ukraine.

Oschadbank is a universal bank and provides services to both individuals and legal entities. Special emphasis on the financial institution does work in retail, which contributes greatly to a wide branch network - about 6,000 outlets throughout Ukraine.

As of April 1, 2013, the loan portfolio amounted to almost 50 billion. Hryvnia, most of these funds has been directed to crediting of Ukrainian business and government enterprises. In the accounts Savings Bank holds about 33 billion. Hryvnia public funds, and more than 7 billion. Hryvnia corporate funds.
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+38 (044) 247-85-69
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JSC "Soyuz"
Bank "Soyuz" is the one of the most steady and dynamically developing commercial banks of Ukraine. The Bank conducts the work since 2007. Now the "Soyus" Bank is the universal financial credit institute, specializing on servicing of the enterprises and private customers, providing a wide range of bank products and services.

Open Joint Stock Company "Commercial Bank" Union "was founded in 2006. Currently, the Bank « UNION » is a universal financial and credit institution specializing in servicing corporate and private clients, providing a wide range of banking products and services.

Contact us:
+38 (044) 393-93-40
+38 (062) 389-70-81
+38 (0652) 79-00-92
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PSC " Privatbank"
"Privatbank" is the national network of bank servicing including more than 3 000 branches and departments across all Ukraine. It allows any client to receive the highest service level practically in any point of the country. The wide range of foreign partners of "Privatbank" not only shows its recognition as the full participant of a world bank system, but also the most important it allows to satisfy most widely needs of clients of the bank, connected with their international activities. "Privatbank" maintains a correspondence relation with the largest foreign banks, effectively cooperating with them on various segments of the financial market.

Privatbank started its activities in 1992. For more than 20 years, he became the largest bank in Ukraine. In the ranking of the NBU in terms of assets consistently takes 1st place – of its total assets amount to about 175 billion. hryvnia (on 04.01.2013). This is actually twice as much as the second largest bank in the country - the state Ukreximbank. The Bank is part of the eponymous group « Private » ;, which includes more than 100 companies in Ukraine and abroad. Privatbank has subsidiaries in Russia, Latvia, Georgia, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. Privat is a universal bank, working with individuals and legal entities. The lion's share of resources from the financial institution attracts population - April 1, 2013 in the portfolio was more Privat 87 billion. Hryvnia of citizens of Ukraine. Means the company has exceeded 21 billion. Hryvnia. The bank has an extensive branch network - about 3.4 thousand. Branches and offices in the cities and villages of Ukraine. Significant part of the strategy is to encourage customers Privat to conduct non-cash payments through its own network of ATMs (more than 7.7 thousand.), POS-terminals (54 thous.), Self-service terminals (4,3 thous.) And Internet banking.
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+38 (056) 716 11 31
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"Ukrsibbank" was based 1990 in Kharkov. During this time the bank passed a prompt way from regional bank to the national leader. From the national leader to the member of one of the largest world bank groups.

UkrSibbank was founded in 1990 in Kharkov. UkrSibbank is a universal bank and works with both legal and natural persons, but the main focus is on retail activity - the financial institution serves approximately 2 million. Ukrainians.

To date, UkrSibbank ranked among the top 20 largest banks in Ukraine in terms of assets, which on 1 April 2013 reached almost 26 billion. Hryvnia. More than 15 billion. Hryvnia one bank almost proportionally placed in business loans (bank customers - about 4 thousand. Large companies and more than 255 thousand. Representatives of SMEs) and households. In this case, the bank is saved more than 17 billion. Hryvnia of individuals and legal entities.

The bank has an extensive branch network, which has more than 700 branches.
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+38 (044) 590 06 75
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Ukrainian Financial World Bank
Ukrainian Financial World Bank is oriented to partnership with the client and long-term, trusting relationships. We are always glad to see you in bank departments in Donetsk, Kiev and Kharkov. For years of work the bank proved as the reliable partner, deserved customer confidence and took strong line items among banks of Donetsk and Ukraine.

Public Joint Stock Company « Commercial Bank "Ukrainian Financial World » part of the corporation Olympus. The Bank was founded in 2003. Provides its clients, individuals and legal entities, wide range of banking services. The Bank operates through a network of offices located in Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia region, with headquarters in the city of Donetsk. Professionalism, customer orientation, financial responsibility and openness allowed the bank to earn the trust of clients and take a strong position among the banks of Ukraine.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 348-81-81
+38 (044) 59-49-810
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USSP in case of UMIA of Ukraine
For years of the existence State Service of Protection passed development and formation, representing today one of the most numerous and powerful structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Over the years, the State Security Service was held development and formation, representing today one of the largest and most powerful structures of the MVD.
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JSC Slavtreyd Bravo
Limited liability company "Slavtreyd Bravo" is the young, modern, dynamically developing company, which is purposefully increasing the presence in the markets of Slavyansk. The company is engaged in a trading activity more than 2 years, positioning itself in the "supermarket" format. Today 2 supermarkets of "Bravo" work at  Slavyansk. There is a planning of expansion of a network to the regional level.

Limited Liability Company « Slavtreyd Bravo » - Young, modern, dynamic company focused to increase its presence in the market Slavyansk. The company is engaged in trading activities for more than 2 years, positioning itself in the format « supermarket » ;. To date, the market works Slavianska 2 supermarkets « Bravo » ;. Is planning to expand the network of regional
Contact us:
+38 (050) 573-86-47
+38 (050) 190-52-53
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JSC Chasov-Yar Refractory Works
The PJSC Chasov-Yar Refractory Works is the forefather of the refractory production in Ukraine.
The prerequisite for the enterprise creation was the unique clay deposit and the favorable customers´ location.

"Industrial and civil construction plant produces ceramic brick front and ordinary light beige color.

Ceramic brick Chasov refractory plant - is a reliable material for the construction, which is made of completely natural and environmentally friendly materials, (in production technology used refractory and refractory clay Hours Yar-field), which is confirmed by sanitary epidemilogicheskimi Finally, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. "

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+38 (062) 340-14-01
+38 (062) 332-09-52
+38 (062) 340-14-03
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The main direction is reflected in the slogan NAVI direction "Electronics for travel." Currently, the brand is representative of the best deals in the area of navigation, tracking and protection using satellite positioning systems.

Currently, the brand NAVI operates under the motto "Electronics for travel." Offered goods and services are based on systems that are widely used in Europe and America.

Extended range of products sold by NAVI for active, energetic, able to work and relax in comfort people use a variety of appliances and electronics to enable them to save time, time to get the necessary information.

Uniqueness NAVI are related services and support, which enable our customers to maximize the use of any product purchased from us.
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+38 (044) 599-30-75
+38 (062) 388-70-79
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LLC "Special equipment"
LLC "Special equipment" provides customers with quality solutions in the design, implementation and maintenance of security systems at various levels of complexity and offers a full range of security services from professional advice prior to installation of "turnkey".

Ltd. « Special equipment » offers its clients a full range of products and services, defining the concept of "technical safety". All equipment proposed to be installed, certificated in Ukraine. The work is fully taken into account all the wishes of the client and offers the latest equipment optimally combines price and quality. The enterprise specialists provide qualified information support in all areas.
Contact us:
+380 (44) 599-30-75
+38 (062) 311-94-94
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The main activity of "integration" is the development, implementation and maintenance of information systems of enterprises of all sizes in various organizations as a financial, public and commercial sectors.

With the "Integration" You will be able to focus all their attention and resources on core tasks without thinking about the problems of functioning and development of its IT infrastructure.
Our experts are ready at any time to provide professional advice to build and optimize your IT infrastructure to offer you
the best solutions for specific tasks (secure mail, online broadcast, terminal access, Internet and more remote places
etc.), perform complex projects on introduction of modern technologies, followed by maintenance and support, to provide you with the service and
maintenance of high efficiency and quality.
Contact us:
+38 (044) 599-30-75
+38 (062) 388-70-79
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"IT Solutions"
At any time specialists of "IT Solutions" are ready to provide to you professional consultation on IT infrastructure creation, to propose the best solution for a videoconference, to execute complex projects on implementation of modern technologies with the subsequent attending and support.

IT-Solutions experts are always ready to provide you with professional advice on the construction of IT-infrastructure, offer the best solution for video conferencing, execute complex projects on introduction of modern technologies, followed by maintenance and support.

Contact us:
+38 (044) 586-26-76
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JSC "SITEL" is created in 2000 for the purpose of activity in the field of communication and performance of special types of operations in designing and building.
From the beginning of activity of "SITEL" has created own transport network for information transfer of different type (the data, a voice) on the basis of fiber lines of communication by the general expansion of 450 km.
The company has own fiber optic network in Kiev, and also in cities-companions. Every day "SITEL" expands the network for quality assurance of provided services.

Since the beginning of activity of "CITEL" created its own transport network to transmit information of different types (data, voice) on the basis of fiber-optic communication lines with a total length of 450 km. The company has its own fiber optic network in Kiev, as well as in the satellite towns. Every day, Ltd. "CITEL" expands its network, in order to ensure that the quality of services provided.

Contact us:
+38 (044) 206-19-06
+38 (044) 206-12-06
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Odesa Hotel Complex
The hotel complex "Odessa" perfectly combines traditional hospitality and modern technology, providing guests with the highest level of service.

Hotel complex "Odessa" - the best choice for a comfortable stay in the resort area of Odessa. In 2012, the hotel complex "Odessa" has been completely renovated and turned into a modern hotel with an updated and expanded capacity ivent- and conference capabilities. At the moment, all rooms are in line with European standards - each room is equipped with modern facilities. The hotel complex "Odessa" is located in the exclusive resort area of Odessa - Arcadia, a distance of many attractions, beaches, parks, business centers and shopping malls.
Contact us:
+38 (048) 705-77-08
+38 (048) 705-77-10
+38 (048) 705-77-14
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Internet-shop "e-Fireplace"
Internet-shop "e-Fireplace" offers equipment that provides warmth, comfort and coziness. A keyword that describes submitted "e-Fireplace" product leading European manufacturers, pioneers in their respective fields: the quality. We supply fireplaces, accessories and care products for fireplaces, barbecue grills and elektrogrili, all for saunas and baths, heating equipment and means of heating a house.
Contact us:
+38 (093) 195-99-39
+38 (050) 348-94-53
+38 (067) 544 89-80
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Commodity exchange "Ukrainian Real Estate Center "AOS-GROUP"
Commodity exchange "All-Ukrainian Center for Real Estate" EPA GROUP "(TB" VTSN "EPA GROUP") was established to implement the organization of trade in Ukraine real estate, industrial goods, raw materials and energy, such as gas, coal, biofuels and others.

TB "VTSN" EPA GROUP "provides organizational, technological, legal and other conditions for the functioning and development of markets for trading oil, manufactured goods, raw materials and energy.
Commodity exchange "All-Ukrainian Center for Real Estate" EPA GROUP "(TB" VTSN "EPA GROUP") is an open trading platform, on which there are producers and suppliers of goods and emerging fair prices for each of the market participants.
Providing real estate trade, industrial goods, raw materials and energy includes the organization and conduct of trading goods, preparing documents, legal and consulting support of transactions.
Contact us:
+380 (044) 280-10-41
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Ukrainian gerontology institute
Institute of Gerontology D.F.Chebotareva behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine - one of the leading national medical research institutions, has extensive experience and recognition in the development of the complex problem of aging.

Institute of Gerontology D.F.Chebotarva behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine was established in May 1958 as the Institute of Gerontology and Experimental Pathology, AMS USSR.

From the first years of the Institute was formed three major areas of activity:
studies of the mechanisms of aging and adaptation of the organism, the role of regulatory processes in these mechanisms;
to study the features of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinical features, treatment and prevention of diseases, the most common in the elderly and old age;
study of the role of social and hygienic factors in aging and longevity.

Today the Institute of Gerontology - scientific institution whose purpose is to study the problems of aging and co-ordination of experimental biomedical, clinical and socio-sanitary work carried out on this issue in a variety of scientific and practical collectives of Ukraine.
Contact us:
+38 (044) 430-40-27
+38 (044) 431-05-47
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Association Ukrainian Polymeric Industry Representatives Council
Association Ukrainian Polymeric Industry Representatives Council actively develops Ukrainian polymer market and effectively promotes production of its participants.The aim of Association to create benefits and advantages for its members at the market, lobbying its interests in governmental and local authorities.

The main purpose of “ Polimernogo Club ” is to provide opportunities for dialogue on professional issues, discussing pressing issues for the industry, find joint solutions to these problems and get qualified expert advice from the invited participants and experts.

The main activities of the Association:

• Develop and implement integrated programs promoting goods producers in Ukraine;

Develop and implement integrated programs promoting goods manufacturers in the CIS countries;

Some services (product presentation on polymer clubs, advertising on the information resources of the Association, PR support, forming the base of potential customers, data collection and analytical marketing reports, web development, placement of information on the message boards on the Internet, the development of brands, branding, re-branding, advertising design blocks and other advertising media).
Contact us:
+38 (057) 720-17-62
+38 (067) 570-86-62
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Mariupol towncouncil
The main task of the Mariupol city council is to ensure normal, healthy life of the city, its improvement, protection of the poor and socially disadvantaged citizens, the disabled, veterans. These objectives are fundamental to the decision of the city council.

In Mariupol city council of VI convocation are 76 deputies elected residents of the city on a mixed majority-proportional system. The vast majority of local people's choices of VI convocation - industrial workers, every seventh MP
is the humanitarian sector: health care, education media, 10 members are entrepreneurs.
The main directions of the Mariupol city council is to support the privileged categories of citizens, the implementation of measures
aimed at overcoming the economic crisis, the development of housing - communal services of the city, the development of
innovation and investment activities of local businesses and entrepreneurs.
Contact us:
+38 (0629) 33-22-40
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Basketball club Azovmash
BC "Azovmash" (Mariupol) - one of the most successful basketball teams in Ukraine. Its history is connected with the names of prominent organizers and coaches, players included in the golden annals of Soviet and Ukrainian basketball.

Debut « Azovmash » at the level of professional teams took place in September 1990. The first decade of the XXI century has been successful over the years, "Azovmash". Under the direction of Andrew Podkovyrova (2003, 2004), Rimas Girskis (2006, 2007, 2009), Mehmet Bicherovicha (2008), Sergei Zavalina (2010), "Azovmash" seven times champion of Ukraine.

Team up basketball star Ukrainian Sergey Lishchuk, Leonid Yaylo Sergei Moskalenko, Vyacheslav Evstratenko Alexander Scutelnic, Vyacheslav Bobrov Bogdan Bayda, Maxim Ivshin Dmitry Zabirchenko and others.
Achievements BC "Azovmash":

Champion of Ukraine (7): 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Silver medalist of Ukraine (3): 2005, 2012, 2013

Bronze medalist of Ukraine (2): 2001, 2002

Winner of the Cup of Ukraine (5): 2001, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2009

Silver medalist Cup Super League (1): 2011

  Winner of the European Cup, "FIBA Europe Regional Challenge" (1): 2003

Silver medalist at the FIBA Cup (1): 2007

Member of the Final Four of VTB United League (1): 2011
Contact us:
+38 (0629) 51-86-01
+38 (0629) 53-09-63
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Official distributor of premium video recorders VicoVation in Ukraine.

Vicovation represents only the best registrars with stunning video quality and the most advanced technology.

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The history of the company "NIKO", as a manufacturer of infusion solutions, has its origins in 1994. Established enterprise begins its journey to the pharmaceutical market with a small capacity, gradually gaining credibility and gaining experience in the industry. Purchasers of drugs are large and medium-sized wholesale and retail pharmaceutical firms located in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.

Under the brand name Nikopharm produced the first and only to date, domestic pharmaceutical products in the new plastic packaging conforming to international quality standards. With more than fifteen years of experience, our company is today - an innovator pharmaceutical technology leader in the manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical products in innovative packaging in the domestic market.

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Zaporizhzhya Handball Team "Motor"
Organization of live broadcasts of matches in cooperation with Zaporizhzhya handball team "Motor"

Since its inception in November 1991, EHF assumed the role of an ambassador to the European handball, acting as a common voice for the European member federations and representing all the European Handball family on the international sports arena.

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The first national carrier of Ukraine "Ukrbus" is dynamically developing company in the sphere of passenger and luggage bus traffic. It was based at the beginning of 2007.

The important distinctive feature of our company is that as the investor of this project was the domestic enterprise Ilitash Production Association without attraction of the foreign equity acted. Therefore "Ukrbus" entered the market of transportations under the slogan First national carrier of Ukraine.

Contact us:
+38 (067) 520-30-00
+38 (095) 399-00-00
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Prime Minister Fireplace
Our main objective is the help to our clients in implementation of their plans, ideas and, to some extent, dream of heat, comfort and a cosiness. For the years spent near you, we developed and realized a set of various projects. Every day communication allows us to move apart the horizons of our possibilities, for the solution of your tasks. For the solution of the tasks, we very carefully approached to a choice of partners, having forever defined for myself a keyword which should characterize the goods represented by us: quality. Over the years spent with you, we have developed and implemented a wide variety of projects. Every day communication allows us to push the horizons of our abilities to solve your problems. To solve your problems, we are very careful in selecting partners, forever defining for themselves a keyword that should characterize submitted to us goods: quality.

Contact us:
+38 (050) 347-59-12
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Private Company Gerkules
Trading base "Hercules" was founded September 22, 1994, provides wholesale and retail trade of food appointment (groceries, canned pasta, cereals), and in some branded items is the exclusive distributor in the region.

Trading base "Hercules" sells goods to famous brands like Ukraine and marks and abroad. "Hercules" is
the official distributor of TM as:
Ltd. "Terra": cereals and cereal fast food in an assortment of more than two dozen titles;
CCI Ltd. "Sphere": food concentrates in various types of packaging: jelly, cream custard, jelly, soup in stock more than one hundred names;
TM "Tsvetaromat" spices and seasonings in the range of more than one hundred items;
TM "Golden barn": canned products in stock.

Contact us:
+38 (099) 292-20-94
+38 (050) 548-51-27
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Company Vivaio - professionally performs all types of landscaping as an integral part of nature gifts in modern high-tech world.

Company Vivaio for more than five years of helping people realize dreams for improvement of urban areas, farmlands, creating masterpieces of shrubs, flowers, trees and stones.
Contact us:
+38 (050) 29-29-818
+38 (093) 749-40-60
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PolymerMarket - Ukrainian electronic trading platform, a tool for the effective conduct of electronic trading.

Electronic Trading PolymerMarket - a set of technical equipment, software and organizational measures to be used for an open electronic trading between members of the polymeric market of Ukraine and provides an effective procedure of purchase (sale) of raw materials, products, equipment, technologies, etc.

Contact us:
+38(062) 345-92-31
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"Real Estate Service"
"Real Estate Services" - recreation facilities and services of real estate market

The site "Real Estate Service" always current base of announcements by section: sale of new buildings, second homes in Ukraine and Russia, rental apartments and rooms - all the online real estate market. Are you looking for an opportunity to profitably sell an apartment? Advertise - with "Real Estate Service", you can easily sell an apartment or rent an apartment in Ukraine and Russia.
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Boutique "Bonvicini"
Boutique "Bonvicini" - a wide range of new brands of clothing and footwear luxury.

Boutique Bonvicini was founded in 2007.
A year later was changed concept of the boutique. Since the autumn of 2008 Bonvicini exclusively represents in Donetsk trendy collection of Russian designer Denis Simachev, luxury cashmere AnnaPurna. In 2009 began to cooperate with Albino and Yigal Azrouel.
With each season, we are expanding the range in the hope to satisfy the highest demands of our customers.
Our future plans of search and promotion of new designers, brands of clothing and footwear luxury, opening a new boutique.
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Company "Accu-Energo"
The company "Accu-Energo" - supplier of a full range of lead-acid traction batteries for storage and lifting equipment from all manufacturers.

The company "Accu-Energo" is the official representative in Ukraine Concern EXIDE Technologies GmbH (Germany), as well as a distributor of Concern
Farmakom mb, Fabrika Akumulatora SOMBOR AD (Serbia) - Europe's largest manufacturers of traction and stationary batteries.
Contact us:
+380 (50) 442-95-59
+380 (50) 447-35-40
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Company "Syngenta"
Sales representative "Syngenta" in the Donetsk region. - One of the largest agro-chemical companies in the world, more than 26 thousand employees of which 90 countries strive to embody purpose: Bringing plant potential to life.

The company "Syngenta" - agrochemical company, which has long been active in the food industry. Provides support in the selection of the best methods and means of the integrated plant protection for specific crops, provides advice on technology for their applications. The company has created a large network of branches, representative offices, distributors working in direct contact with agricultural producers and processors in the regions.
Contact us:
+38 (044) 494 17 71
+38 (044) 494 17 70
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Company "AM Group"
"AM Group" successfully operating in the Ukrainian market, the organization of transportation.

"AM Group" professionally specializes in cargo transportation in Ukraine and CIS.
Contact us:
+38 (044) 393-32-42
Company "ompleks"
SKTB "COMPLEX" professionally designs and manufactures a wide range of metal structures.

SKTB "COMPLEX" designs and manufactures a wide range of metal structures. Products SKTB "COMPLEX" meets the highest standards, which will allow to find the optimal solution for every application.
Contact us:
+38 (044) 403-03-13
Travel company  Ayles. We work with several tens tour operators. Unlike many travel agents we report directly to you the host party.
Each client for us  is individual. The main thing for us is to give you opportunity to have a  good rest. For each our client rest will be special.

Each client for us - the individual. The main thing for us to provide you with the opportunity to relax and for each of our client's holiday will be special.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 312-54-82
+38 (062) 305-36-89
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JSC "Silur" is the largest in Europe producer of steel ropes and a wire for the various industries, the stabilized armaturny wire and the stabilized armaturny ropes, a metal grid, a fiber, etc. a hardware. Plant as Hartsyzsky staleprovolochno-rope was based in 1949. In 1994 the enterprise was transformed to Open joint Stock Company "Silur", and since 2009 in LLC "Silur".

"In December of 2010. Merged plants" "Stalkanat" "and" "Silurian". "Today, the joint venture is called CHAO" "ON" "Stalkanat-Silurian". "The production association allocated 2 branches: Plant" "Stalkanat" "(Odessa) and the plant "" Silurian "" (Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region) .Predpriyatie manufactures products according to national standards of Ukraine (DSTU), Russia (GOST), Germany (DIN), British (BS), international (ISO , EN).

Applied in CHAO « ON « Stalkanat-Silurian » Modern technologies allow to satisfy the most demanding customer. "

Contact us:
+38 (062) 577-83-58
+38 (062) 7-94-96
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JSC Farlep-Telecom-Holding
At the moment of the foundation in 1994 we passed the way from the small company, beginning the activities with one telephone exchange and one thousand subscribers, to all Ukraine holding of telecommunications agencies. Today branches Farlep work in many large cities of Ukraine.

C inception in 1994 we have grown from a small business start out with one telephone exchange and thousands of subscribers to Ukrainian holding companies of communication. Today FARLEP branches operate in many major cities of Ukraine

Contact us:
+38 (048) 728 62 86
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JSC "VIP-Beton"
Krasnoarmeyskiy plant of construction materials "VIP Beton" is  the modern company with high technological production rate of commodity concrete, construction solution and precast concrete, and also provision of construction and transport services in Donetsk the region.

The companies in the group of companies ASTOR, have a favorable geographical location. Competitive advantages are provided by the use of high quality raw materials and guarantee its permanent minimum reserve of skilled personnel with considerable experience, using the most advanced technology, the ability of plants to operate at full power at any adverse weather conditions, and the development of transport infrastructure, providing timely delivery of all necessary customer materials for the construction of virtually any size.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 343-50-34
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JSC "Profi Press"
The printing company "Profi Press" successfully works at the Ukrainian market since 2003, providing a complete range of printing services.

Since 2006 the printing company "Profi Press" goes in for publishing activities. Consumers of our products are the companies of  the different industries: confectionery and biscuit production, household chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutics, all range of the food industry, perfumery, tobacco and light industry.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 334 97 53
+38 (062) 334 97 54
+38 (062) 334 97 58
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The scientific and technological center "FTIKOM" (Donetsk) provides telecommunication services in Donetsk and area.
DIPT is the largest provider of Donetsk. Switched and permanent Internet access, Radio Ethernet, Frame Relay, a hosting, registration of domains.

STC "Ftikom" (Donetsk) provides telecommunication services in the Donetsk region.

ISP DIPT, the largest provider of Donetsk. Dial-up and broadband Internet connection, RadioEthernet, Frame Relay, hosting, domain registration
Contact us:
+38 (062) 209-20-04
+38 (062) 209-20-05
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VTB League
Organization of live broadcasts Ukrainian basketball clubs with the rise of the signal to the satellite.

VTB United League - club competition, created in 2008 to bring together the leading clubs in Eastern Europe. The fundamental principles of the League proclaimed by the clubs and the national basketball federation of member countries, democracy and the principle of sport.
Contact us:
+7(499) 426 02 62
+7(499)766 47 84
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Dance Center Sergei Dorogovtsev
Dance Center Sergei Dorogovtsev (first name Tantsklub "Rainbow Prestige") was opened in 1978 and has since been a leader in the field of learning dance in the Donetsk region, bringing together the experience and techniques for the best Ukrainian and foreign dance schools.

To date, Dance Centre Sergei Dorogovtseva – is not only a unique program of learning dance, but, above all, a clear system that allows adults and children to learn to dance easily and comfortably in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Professional teachers who have been trained in Europe and Russia are working on a unique methodology of learning dance for all the popular dance styles from ballroom dancing to social dance (Argentine tango, salsa). For members of the Centre have the opportunity to express the energy to dance theme parties, club balls and festivals for children.

Contact us:
+38 050 328 30 83
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Security service "Gely"
The firm is engaged in designing, installation, servicing, the security fire alarm, the firefighting, and the security services, systems of video of supervision, restriction and access control.

Ltd. "Helium" professionally engaged in the design, installation, maintenance, fire alarm system, fire fighting, security services, video surveillance, control and access control.
NPK "Expro" (founded in 1989) is the first Ukrainian company producing induction heaters at currents of industrial frequency. This is the qualitatively new heating equipment that the consumer properties significantly superior to all other types of heaters.

Wide range of induction heating equipment manufactured by "Expro" and meets the highest standards, will find the optimal solution for any application.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 381-05-51
+38 (062) 335-78-35
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Donetsk City Palace of Children and Youth Creativity
Donetsk City Palace of Children and Youth Creativity - one of the oldest, largest and most successful non-school institutions of Ukraine. He began its history in 1936 and successfully operates today. Donetsk City Palace of Children and Youth Creativity began its history in the 30 years of the twentieth century, one of the first non-school institutions "young country of the Soviets." In 1982, the Palace was on the picturesque banks of the River Kalmius, almost in the center of Donetsk, the new three-storey building. Throughout its history, the Palace gave unforgettable years of his creative life to generations of young people of Donetsk.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 295-44-09
+38 (062) 295-43-74
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Donetsk regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity
Donetsk regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity created in 1982. Palace coordinates the activities of 86 houses, Children's Creativity Center, 165 rooms schoolboy, 282 branches of the scientific department of Art History and Philology of the Junior Academy of Sciences.

Since 1982 in Donetsk, created and successfully operates Donetsk regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity. Palace coordinates the activities of 86 houses, Children's Creativity Center, 165 student rooms in the residence, 282 branches of the scientific department of Art History and Philology of the Junior Academy of Sciences. Each circle Palace - methodical and practical laboratory for the implementation of best practices and training. The participation of our students in Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals brought tangible results: 4 Grand Prix, the first 6, 4 second and 6 third places - in creative competitions at the highest level.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 335-89-32
+38 (062) 345-39-06
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Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater
Today Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater - one of the most prestigious theater companies not only south-eastern region, but the whole of Ukraine. Creative biography of the theater began in 1927. Today Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater - one of the most prestigious theater companies not only south-eastern region, but the whole of Ukraine. For outstanding achievements in the development of Ukrainian theater Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, September 28, 2001 was awarded the honorary status akademicheskogo.26 November 2009 Presidential Decree granted the status of a national theater.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 305-32-66
+38 (050) 479-70-00
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Information Bureau "CENTER"
Information Bureau "CENTER" - the official representative of TM LEAGUE: THE LAW in the Donetsk region.

Main activities of the Information Bureau "CENTER": consulting, business organization - seminars, workshops, training sessions with industry professionals to accountants, lawyers, human resources specialists, economists and business leaders.
Aims and objectives: providing Ukrainian business law, legal, advisory, reference and economic information.
Key components of the work:
High level of professionalism and experience of employees in support of systems LEAGUE: THE LAW in the Donetsk region.
Personal approach: you get what you really need.
Quick response: the most important thing in business - it vremya.S each season we are expanding the range in the hope to satisfy the highest demands of our customers.
Contact us:
+380 (062) 340-340-0
+380 (068) 940-0-840
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"Donetsk regional center of financial and statistical monitoring, logistics education institutions"
"Donetsk regional center of financial and statistical monitoring, logistics educational institutions" was created to provide organizational, coordination functions for financial activities and reporting agencies and institutions of education (including vocational education), funded by the the regional budget, material and technical equipment, creating conditions for their safety.

The Center is a non-profit institution.
The objectives of the Center is:
issues of financial and economic activity (in consultation with the chief administrator of the budget), education (including vocational education), financed from the regional budget;
compliance with life safety institutions and educational institutions.
Department of Education and Science of the Donetsk Regional State Administration
Department of Education and Science of the Donetsk Regional State Administration is part of the state administration, accountability and under the control of the Head and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Within its powers management organizes the implementation of legislative acts in the field of education, research, science, technology, innovation and intellectual property, as well as on language policy and oversees their implementation.

The main objectives of management are:
participation in ensuring the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of education, science, technology, innovation and intellectual property;
ensuring the development of the education system;
creation of conditions for the realization of equal rights of citizens of Ukraine to education, social protection of children of preschool and school-age college students, teachers, researchers and other employees of institutions of education and science;
creation of conditions for the citizens of secondary education, the realization of their rights in accordance with the laws of Ukraine on higher education;
ensuring the development of educational, scientific and technical capacity;
monitoring compliance with the acts of legislation on education and science;
Coordination of educational and research institutions related to the management of state administration, organization of work on their human, material and technical, scientific and methodological support;
providing monitoring solutions in the field of education, research, science, technology and innovation in the field of intellectual property protection;
Formation of regional scientific and technical policy;
facilitate the operation of the system of scientific and technical information;
Promoting the integration of national education and science in the global system for the conservation and protection of national interests.
Contact us:
+380 (62) 335-27-67
+380 (62) 304-53-08
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Arena Druzhba
Sports Palace "Druzhba" (arena "Druzhba") - SCC Donetsk. Capacity of 4100 spectators. Home arena Ukrainian hockey club "Donbass" and the basketball club "Donetsk". "Druzhba" is one of the most important sports facilities of the city, its primary goal - the development of basketball and hockey in the region.

Arena "Friendship" was built in 1975 in the status of the Sports Palace was put into operation next year.
The first large-scale reconstruction, which made the arena suitable for high-level matches, overtook "Friendship" in 2010 Arena received a new refrigeration equipment, modern electronic scoreboards, new plastic bead and a modern air conditioning system. At the same time were built four additional locker rooms, judicial and medical offices.

In the summer of 2011 HC "Donbass" held another stage of reconstruction of the Arena. Capacity of the stands increased from 3.5 to 4.1 thousand places. Then the chairs were replaced, added to the camera installed metal detectors at the entrance, renovated room for press conferences and ticket offices, there was a network foodcourt, opened FanShop.
In 2012. Arena waiting for a new reconstruction. In "Friendship" appeared comfortable VIP-boxes, a new conference room, media center and office space.
Year of construction: 1976
Pad size: 60x30 meters
Media cube
Fast-food chain
Fan Shop
Contact us:
+38 (062) 336-75-42
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"New GSM"
Chain stores "NewGsm" engaged in wholesale and retail sale of communications equipment, photo and video equipment, GPS navigation and other electronics.

The company "NewGsm" wholesale and retail markets:
Mobile Phones
Digital cameras and camcorders
Memory Card
means of GPS navigation
Contact us:
+38 (062) 348-63-52
+38 (095) 008-50-98
+38 (095) 422-75-75
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"Kantselyariya ot A do YA"
Company "Kantselyariya ot A do YA"  was founded in 2003 and successfully operates in the market of office supplies and paper stationery products in different areas to promote products and services. The Office A to Z "not only offers a huge range and high quality of the goods themselves, but also expert advice on the whole range of product mix, creating conditions for comfortable work.

Company ""Kantselyariya ot A do YA" - is:
- Regional distribution: Fabel Castle, Maped, Centropen, KIN, Pilot, Aero, Esselte, Axent, Brunnen, Mrii zbuvayutsya, Shkolyarik, Tecnodidattica, KUM, Rapid and other brands comprehensive services to corporate customers goods for the office
- Provision of operational printing services based on its own copy center
- Servicing retail customers in the trading network "the Office from A to Z"
Contact us:
+38 (062) 345-35-44
+38 (062) 345-53-44
+38 (062) 349-42-50
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Donetsk exhibition center "EXPODONBASS" is one of the largest exhibition centers in Ukraine, consistently working in the field of organizing and conducting exhibitions. At present the exhibition "EXPODONBASS" covers all major industries Donetsk region.

Over the years the Exhibition Centre were held hundreds of exhibitions of various kinds, which have received considerable attention in the country and abroad. The success of exhibitions, shows their high quality international recognition and to obtain international status.

Every year in the middle of passes to 20 exhibitions, including international ones, in which all participants are given the full list of exhibition services, and legal registration of transactions, contracts, required documents, transport services, customs brokerage services, etc.

The exhibition center has 32,000 square meters of exhibition space, 18,000 square meters of which - closed. Showrooms are located at three levels. The pavilion is designed in such a way that allowed the simultaneous holding of several different exhibitions.

Contact us:
+380 (62) 381-21-03
+380 (62) 381-21-02
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Stels ISP
LLC "Stels ISP" - the universal telecommunications operator that provides telecommunications services in the cities of Donetsk and Makeyevka.

LLC "Stels ISP" - the universal telecommunications operator that provides telecommunications services in the cities of Donetsk and Makeyevka. Since 2000  "Stels ISP" owns and operates a high-tech backbone network with a total length of about 200 kilometers, and a network of FTTB, stretching over 250 kilometers and covers more than 120 thousand households, which enables us to provide voice services and data services, IP-applications and IP-TV to individuals, corporate clients, Ukrainian and international operators.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 3-320-320
+38 (095) 746-52-64
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"Constanta" Ltd.
"Constanta"  Ltd. was founded in 1999. The firm specializes in complex automation of all types of accounting programs on the basis of "1C".

We are rapidly developing Ukrainian company, we strive to be a leader in the Ukrainian market of information technologies and automation. The basis of the success and uniqueness of our company is the professionalism of our staff and the active use of advanced information technologies.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 210-02-02
+38 (099) 254-33-33
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MFK "Enakievec"
Organization of live broadcasts futsal matches with signal transmission via the Internet channel for illumination is on channel Sport 1.

Public organization Enakievets Football Club was established December 22, 2000 a group of amateur mini football.
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Security service "Granit"
JSC "Granit LTD" is the professional private security firm created in 2002.

It has the license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for provision of services on protection of the state-owned and other properties, support and protection of cargoes.
The management of JSC "Granit LTD" is performed by former employees of State service of protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Armed forces of Ukraine, as a rule are senior officers in resignation.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 334-21-68
+38 (050) 474-17-59
+38 (050) 477-10-24
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The Donetsk plant of the ventilating equipment "Donventilyator" was based in 1995 and also is one of leaders of production of fans in Ukraine, including such fans, which aren't made by other plants.

The effective cooperation of plant with research firm Aerovent allows in the shortest terms on the basis of computer technologies to develop and make effective fans with any parameters set by consumers.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 387-56-71
+38 (062) 388-24-81
+38 (062) 387-56-99
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Limited Liability Company "Europlast"
Europlast began the activity in 2000. In six years of dynamic development the enterprise was included into a number of the largest domestic producers of polipropilenovy pipes and a fitting.

Using of the best raw materials, permanent control of all productions and also professionalism and long-term experience of staff of the enterprise are the guarantee of faultless quality of production, which "Europlast" delivers to all regions of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 382-88-65
+38 (062) 386-90-71
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1C: Franchisee "Smart Cube"
"Smart Cube" - the official 1C: Franchisee to provide customers with convenient and affordable IT tools and effective systems for automation of accounting, in order to improve the quality of enterprise management.

"Smart Cube" - the correct and proven solutions to automate accounting platform "1C: Enterprise 8" of any complexity. Partner and official 1C 1C: Franchisee since December 2009. Service provider of software 1C since July 2010. A candidate for a competence center for the production of October 2010. A candidate for a competence center for document from March of 2013.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 209-22-22
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Performer New
Type of activity Performer New - securities transactions.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 213-19-10
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Dental clinic "Odontis"
Dental clinic "Odontis" - it is a choice of the most inexpensive work to highly restorations with consistent high quality performance.

New Dental Office in the center of Donetsk. Careful selection of experts. Strict cleanliness using powerful modern equipment (made in UK). Compliance with all the trends of modern medicine. The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere.
Contact us:
+38 (099) 906-50-00
+38 (050) 326-81-27
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Company "Iversi"
The company "Iversi" provides a comprehensive promotion and advertising, web development and online stores.

The company "Iversi" - is:
1) Development of selling sites and online stores in Donetsk and not only. Services to develop websites of any complexity "turnkey.
2) Website promotion and sold at competitive demands and promotion of online stores on a large number of phrases.
3) Integrated promotion of sites - one of the most effective options for customers to find your business on the Internet.
Contact us:
+38 (062) 345 84 62
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Company "Zveno"
Internet Solutions Agency "Zveno" - services of professionals in the field of Internet-based business solutions.

"Zveno" - a group of professionals, united by common goals and interests. Each of us has experience in your field, one way or another related to the development and implementation of Internet-based business solutions. In the process of performing the most basic structure of different orders replenished professionals whose knowledge help us quickly and efficiently implement specific solutions.
- Online Directories
- Shop
- Customer Support System
- Corporate information portals

Contact us:
+38 (062) 345 24 15
+38 (050) 470 48 64
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Company "Kranokomplekt"
"KRANOKOMPLEKT" LLC (Donetsk) is the exclusive representative in Ukraine plant "MB Yantra" AD (Gabrovo, Bulgaria) and "Volga-Vyatka Mechanical Plant" LLC  (Kirov, Russia).

"KRANOKOMPLEKT" LLC  delivers hoist (electric hoists) mobile, fixed, reduced headroom type MRM g / n from 1t., Up to 50 tons, cranes and double-girder bridge with one beam, gantry, jib cranes, grabs, traverses, freight staples, metal structures and special tools for various industries. The company also accepts orders for manufacturing of cast iron castings (gray, high alloyed) and steel (alloy, heat-resistant, manganese 110G13L, carbon) and is able to produce various metal, lens compensators, flues, elbows bent and knuckle, various reservoirs, pipelines , boilers, vaults, pipes.
Contact us:
+380 (062) 213-03-73
+380 (062) 388-36-97
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Company "UBSK 17-2"
"UBSK 17-2" Ltd.  - a company providing services to the waterproofing, moisture protection, restoration of building structures, thermal insulation of all surfaces.

"UBSK 17-2" - company that has long been active in the wound of Ukraine and provides services to the waterproofing, moisture protection, restoration of building structures, thermal insulation of all surfaces. Also performs general construction, repair, installation, electrical work.
Contact us:
+380 (50) 470-21-29
+380 (62) 344-01-95
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Company "Spetsmontazhinzhiniring"
Company "Spetsmontazhinzhiniring" -  one of the leaders in the market for flame-retardant processing, installation supply and exhaust ventilation systems, security and fire alarm systems.

Company "Spetsmontazhinzhiniring" founded in 2011. Despite the youth of "media" is already one of the leaders in the market for fire alarm installation. The combination of high quality and acceptable price level might be interested in even the most demanding customers. The company has all necessary licenses for the services provided, the spectrum of which is regularly extended.

Contact us:
+38 (062) 385-98-01
+38 (050) 886-40-81
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