Internet-shop "e-Fireplace"
Internet-shop "e-Fireplace" offers equipment that provides warmth, comfort and coziness. A keyword that describes submitted "e-Fireplace" product leading European manufacturers, pioneers in their respective fields: the quality. We supply fireplaces, accessories and care products for fireplaces, barbecue grills and elektrogrili, all for saunas and baths, heating equipment and means of heating a house.
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+38 (093) 195-99-39
+38 (050) 348-94-53
+38 (067) 544 89-80
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Commodity exchange "Ukrainian Real Estate Center "AOS-GROUP"
Commodity exchange "All-Ukrainian Center for Real Estate" EPA GROUP "(TB" VTSN "EPA GROUP") was established to implement the organization of trade in Ukraine real estate, industrial goods, raw materials and energy, such as gas, coal, biofuels and others.

TB "VTSN" EPA GROUP "provides organizational, technological, legal and other conditions for the functioning and development of markets for trading oil, manufactured goods, raw materials and energy.
Commodity exchange "All-Ukrainian Center for Real Estate" EPA GROUP "(TB" VTSN "EPA GROUP") is an open trading platform, on which there are producers and suppliers of goods and emerging fair prices for each of the market participants.
Providing real estate trade, industrial goods, raw materials and energy includes the organization and conduct of trading goods, preparing documents, legal and consulting support of transactions.
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+380 (044) 280-10-41
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Ukrainian gerontology institute
Institute of Gerontology D.F.Chebotareva behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine - one of the leading national medical research institutions, has extensive experience and recognition in the development of the complex problem of aging.

Institute of Gerontology D.F.Chebotarva behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine was established in May 1958 as the Institute of Gerontology and Experimental Pathology, AMS USSR.

From the first years of the Institute was formed three major areas of activity:
studies of the mechanisms of aging and adaptation of the organism, the role of regulatory processes in these mechanisms;
to study the features of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinical features, treatment and prevention of diseases, the most common in the elderly and old age;
study of the role of social and hygienic factors in aging and longevity.

Today the Institute of Gerontology - scientific institution whose purpose is to study the problems of aging and co-ordination of experimental biomedical, clinical and socio-sanitary work carried out on this issue in a variety of scientific and practical collectives of Ukraine.
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+38 (044) 430-40-27
+38 (044) 431-05-47
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Association Ukrainian Polymeric Industry Representatives Council
Association Ukrainian Polymeric Industry Representatives Council actively develops Ukrainian polymer market and effectively promotes production of its participants.The aim of Association to create benefits and advantages for its members at the market, lobbying its interests in governmental and local authorities.

The main purpose of “ Polimernogo Club ” is to provide opportunities for dialogue on professional issues, discussing pressing issues for the industry, find joint solutions to these problems and get qualified expert advice from the invited participants and experts.

The main activities of the Association:

• Develop and implement integrated programs promoting goods producers in Ukraine;

Develop and implement integrated programs promoting goods manufacturers in the CIS countries;

Some services (product presentation on polymer clubs, advertising on the information resources of the Association, PR support, forming the base of potential customers, data collection and analytical marketing reports, web development, placement of information on the message boards on the Internet, the development of brands, branding, re-branding, advertising design blocks and other advertising media).
Contact us:
+38 (057) 720-17-62
+38 (067) 570-86-62
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Mariupol towncouncil
The main task of the Mariupol city council is to ensure normal, healthy life of the city, its improvement, protection of the poor and socially disadvantaged citizens, the disabled, veterans. These objectives are fundamental to the decision of the city council.

In Mariupol city council of VI convocation are 76 deputies elected residents of the city on a mixed majority-proportional system. The vast majority of local people's choices of VI convocation - industrial workers, every seventh MP
is the humanitarian sector: health care, education media, 10 members are entrepreneurs.
The main directions of the Mariupol city council is to support the privileged categories of citizens, the implementation of measures
aimed at overcoming the economic crisis, the development of housing - communal services of the city, the development of
innovation and investment activities of local businesses and entrepreneurs.
Contact us:
+38 (0629) 33-22-40
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Basketball club Azovmash
BC "Azovmash" (Mariupol) - one of the most successful basketball teams in Ukraine. Its history is connected with the names of prominent organizers and coaches, players included in the golden annals of Soviet and Ukrainian basketball.

Debut « Azovmash » at the level of professional teams took place in September 1990. The first decade of the XXI century has been successful over the years, "Azovmash". Under the direction of Andrew Podkovyrova (2003, 2004), Rimas Girskis (2006, 2007, 2009), Mehmet Bicherovicha (2008), Sergei Zavalina (2010), "Azovmash" seven times champion of Ukraine.

Team up basketball star Ukrainian Sergey Lishchuk, Leonid Yaylo Sergei Moskalenko, Vyacheslav Evstratenko Alexander Scutelnic, Vyacheslav Bobrov Bogdan Bayda, Maxim Ivshin Dmitry Zabirchenko and others.
Achievements BC "Azovmash":

Champion of Ukraine (7): 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Silver medalist of Ukraine (3): 2005, 2012, 2013

Bronze medalist of Ukraine (2): 2001, 2002

Winner of the Cup of Ukraine (5): 2001, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2009

Silver medalist Cup Super League (1): 2011

  Winner of the European Cup, "FIBA Europe Regional Challenge" (1): 2003

Silver medalist at the FIBA Cup (1): 2007

Member of the Final Four of VTB United League (1): 2011
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+38 (0629) 51-86-01
+38 (0629) 53-09-63
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Official distributor of premium video recorders VicoVation in Ukraine.

Vicovation represents only the best registrars with stunning video quality and the most advanced technology.

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