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    The Deposit in clouds
  • You receive a place on already established server under control of Windows 2003 Server OS. Near you other clients can work, but access to your personal files is reliably closed at level of an operating system.
  • You have a set of the license software necessary for operation, which will cost much cheaper, than its direct purchase:
    • packet for reliable service of e-mail.
    • 1 Enterprise;
    • "Liga-Zakon" system;
    • Microsoft Office;
    • Antivirus software.
  • If for your operation you need the additional software, you transfer it to managers of the server and, after study, it can be set on the server
  • Besides on the server it is set software for monitoring of its status - and we are always in course about "health" of your information and we prevent problems before their origin. If in the process of work you need help our experts always ready to help.
    Bank in clouds
  • This option of connection is specially developed for the organizations, groups of clients, number from 20 users.
  • It provides creation of the virtual selected server, installation of a set of a software on its used in your organization (similar to "The Deposit in clouds"), but this server is completely transferred only under needs of your organization.
  • You can set any necessary for you software and receive in the instruction all capacity, all disk space, selected within this virtual server.
  • All possibilities "The Deposit in clouds" are available, but the price of possession is lower.
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